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Lumeos: Privacy Centric Decentralized Social Platform

SAN FRANCISCO, June 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- As digital rights have become a contemporary issue, laws have forced businesses to protect these rights. Decentralized systems create an opportunity for users to control and benefit by sharing their data. Current social media platforms focus on curated positive experiences of their peers and impossible standards of perfection, inducing anxiety and depression on younger generations.

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Ali Ayyash, serial entrepreneur and former co-founder of Bee Token, is officially announcing the launch of a new startup called Lumeos, a poll based, social networking platform connecting users on the EOS blockchain. As an ex-Google, ex-Amazon software engineer, and a technical blockchain advisor, Ali has designed and built multiple decentralized applications on Ethereum and is now leading the development of his new application on the EOS platform.

"The current state of social media has lots of issues ranging from lack of privacy to overall impact on users' mental health. We have set out to redefine this experience altogether, by creating an open, safe, and collaborative environment where users have complete control over their privacy and are awarded for publicly sharing what's on their minds." - Ali Ayyash, Founder & CEO of Lumeos

Lumeos focuses on polls that users can answer to get rewarded with tokens. In order to unlock the results of the polls, a user will have to pay LUME tokens which are distributed to the poll participants.

"EOS is a smart-contract-driven blockchain similar to Ethereum. Unlike Ethereum, it features horizontal and vertical scalability and zero transaction fee to users, allowing for a massive number of transactions per second at lower cost for building fully decentralized applications from day 1." - Guocheng Xie, CTO of Lumeos

Debuting the project at Tulip's 2018 Emerging Technologies Conference, the team will be opening up their white paper, airdrop, referral programs and mobile mockups.

If you are a member of the press and would like more info on LUMEOS, please contact Rick Koleta at press@lumeos.io with Tulip 2018 in the subject line.

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