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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 6, 2019 / For over a century, luxury timepieces have been symbols of opulence, wealth, and expressions of refined personal taste. While these aspects of fine watch ownership will always remain, they are becoming viable investment options to both lifelong enthusiasts and newcomers, with certain models offering substantial profits within short time periods., a leading retailer of luxurypre-owned and unworn watches, discusses the trends driving the rapidly expanding investment timepiece market, and highlights why their service provides efficient and transparent purchasing options that can equally benefit investors and collectors. offers buyers of luxurypre-owned and unworn watches with not just an expansive collection of the world's most established timepiece brands, but focused customer service and fast shipping that is unrivaled within the market. Their team leverages decades of experience towards cultivating and maintaining the company's inventory, which includes countless watches always readily available on the portal. These are distinct advantages for watch collectors and investors alike, providing a reliable outlet containing timepieces that represent a wide range of prices and styles.

The interest in the luxury watch investment sector has been building for years, but some recent high-profile auctions have triggered a drastic rise in attention, such as the selling of Paul Newman's coveted Rolex Daytona, whichfetched $17.8 million at a Phillips auction in 2017. Accordingto Knight Frank Luxury Index 2018, watches make great investments in today's financial climate, as they are resilient and non-volatile as assets, second only to collectible furniture, followed by classic cars, stamps, the FTSE 100, and gold. Moreover, the index found luxury timepieces performing highly when held for 5 and 10 year periods, with investment grade watches growing 23% in value across a 5 year term, and 69% over a decade. Although watches in this classification typically start in the five-figure range, one does not have to spend this much for a viable investment piece. "Quality vintage watches can be bought for a few thousand dollars," says John Reardon, the international head of the watches at Christie's. Ina statement to the New York Times, he describes the market for watches costing less than $10,000 as "one of the areas of most aggressive growth at the moment."

Headquartered in New York City for over 25 years, has continually established new standards in the high-end timepieces market, catering to buyers of luxury pre-owned and unworn watches. It provides a transparent purchasing experience over other websites that claim to have inventory upfront, but then have to scramble to find the purchased watch after a sale. In contrast, controls a massive inventory in-house, which allows the company to ship the products immediately to any country - with clients in the United States receiving their shipment within 24 hours. Through the portal, buyers have access to a varied selection of fine Swiss watches, along with distinguished brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Chopard, Hublot, Bvlgari, and Audemars Piguet, receiving a luxury concierge service for every watch sold. - The Leading Retailer of Luxury Pre-Owned and Unworn Watches:

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