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Lyft updates mobile app to enhance passenger safety

Lyft is updating its app to enhance passenger safety.

In response to the dozens of passenger kidnappings and assaults that have reportedly been committed by ride-hailing service drivers, Lyft has announced that a few changes will be coming to its mobile application to improve passenger safety including the integration of a 911-supported panic button.

On Tuesday, Lyft announced that it has added new features and offers to the mobile application designed to keep passengers safe in light of the slew of reports made about Lyft drivers kidnapping or assaulting users of the service.

A panic button will be added to the app so that passengers can easily call 911 if needed, and the license plate number will be enlarged -- if the change hasn't rolled out already -- so that passengers can more easily ensure that they are boarding the correct vehicle.

Feedback will now be mandatory: "In cases when a rider rates less than 4 stars, they will be required to provide additional insight so our support team can take appropriate action as necessary." The feedback for drivers will be anonymous.

Furthermore, the company will offer sexual harassment prevention education training to both drivers and riders alike.

According to the company, these changes are being made to protect the safety of drivers and riders alike. The panic button and the sexual harassment training will be available later this year, while the enlarged license plate number and feedback requirement have already begun rolling out.