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Lyon's Nabil Fekir scored from midfield. With his weak foot. Seriously. (Video)

(Screenshot: beIN Sports on Twitter)

Some European leagues hadn’t even kicked off their seasons yet on Saturday afternoon when Lyon’s Nabil Fekir skipped in front of a trailing defender in his own half and picked up his head.

We’ll never know exactly what the 24-year-old French midfielder saw in that moment. But we do know he more or less decided to end any goal of the year debates before they even got a chance to heat up. Let your eyes feast on this:

Not impressed? What if we told you that Fekir is left-footed?

Yeah. It’s a pretty special goal.

And it’s even better because it really is from midfield. As in, Fekir literally strikes the ball when it’s touching the midfield line that cuts through the center circle. Think about how ofter year hear about a “goal from midfield” that was actually taken from five yards in front of midfield … then consider the location of this one.

The goal of the season race is by no means definitively decided. Thousands of players around the world have nine months to top this. But this is a pretty high bar for a player to set in August. Good luck to any other competitors.