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I’m a Career Expert: Here’s Why You Should Put AI on Your Resume

DaniloAndjus / Getty Images
DaniloAndjus / Getty Images

Artificial intelligence, or AI for short, is taking an increasingly prominent role in our lives and careers. It can help us do more in less time, freeing our mental bandwidth for more strategic or personal activities.

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Not only is AI an incredible asset, but it’s also a skill. Being able to harness the power of this technology in the workplace can put you miles ahead of those who lag behind.

We spoke with seven career experts to learn why you should list AI on your resume and how to do so. Our experts also offer commentary on how AI can help you advance your career.

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Why You Should Put AI on Your Resume

Here are four big reasons to put AI on your resume:

You’ll be more competitive in the job market

Juliet Dreamhunter, AI and productivity consultant at Juliety, said, “By showcasing your proficiency in AI, you can position yourself as a highly sought-after candidate in this evolving job market and potentially command a higher salary due to the high demand and limited supply of such skills.”

You’ll show you’re ahead of the curve

“While having AI skills on your resume shows your ability to add to a company’s AI initiatives and is currently seen as an advantage, as things evolve, it will soon become an expectation,” said Andrea Miller, CEO of LeadWell Company. “By being an early adopter, you can help set yourself up as an expert and help future-proof your career as AI becomes a business norm.”

You’ll prove you’re interested in professional growth

Vikrant Shaurya, CEO and founder of Authors On Mission said, “It demonstrates forward-thinking, an ability to adapt to new technologies, and a commitment to continuous learning — attributes that are highly valued in the modern workforce.”

You’ll offer something special to the organization

“We’ve found that team members with AI skills bring unique value to our projects, enabling us to deliver innovative solutions and stay ahead of market trends,” added Casey Jones, founder and head of marketing and finance at CJ&CO.

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How To Add AI to Your Resume

Adding AI to your resume should be a strategic process. Here are the steps to take:

Take inventory of your experience

Ayanna E. Jackson, founder of AEJ Consulting, offered this advice: “Beyond just ChatGPT, there are a variety of AI-based tools out there for video, photography, graphics, and communications, along with AI embedded in everyday tools we use, like chatbots, word processing and presentation software, and more. Think about the ways you may already be unknowingly using AI and determine how you can add that knowledge to your resume.”

List specific skills

Jones advised, “Rather than simply stating ‘AI skills,’ consider highlighting areas of expertise such as machine learning, predictive analytics, or AI-driven customer segmentation.”

You should also customize your list of skills for each job you want. That way, your potential next employer won’t have to make assumptions about your capabilities.

Looking to the future, Chris Daden, CTO at Criteria Corp, said, “As hundreds of impressive and easy-to-use AI models are introduced daily, the most sought-after skill will be the ability to manage and integrate these tools effectively.”

Show the impact of your knowledge

Your resume should be a highlight reel of your career, showcasing your talents. However, it shouldn’t just be a laundry list of skills you’ve acquired over the years.

Jones suggested you must also demonstrate how you’ve used those skills to benefit each company. For instance, you could say that using AI to help create written marketing materials reduced the time spent on the task by 70%.

Important note: Including AI on your resume can help you land your next job. However, common resume mistakes, like deviating from traditional formatting, could cause AI-powered screening filters to discard your document before it hits the hiring manager’s desk.

How AI Can Help You Get a Better Job

AI can help you get a raise or promotion or a new job entirely in a few ways:

You have skills relatively few others possess

“Jobs in the AI field are often well-compensated, as the demand for these skills outstrips the current supply,” said Shaurya. Obtaining and leveraging critical yet rare skills makes you shine brighter in the candidate pool.

You provide immense value to a company

Ida Pettersson, career adviser and resume expert at Resume Genius, said, “Many employers are willing to pay you a higher wage if you can prove that you’re able to leverage technology to solve complex problems, improve processes, and make data-driven decisions. While AI has the potential to increase efficiency and accuracy, it’s also been proven to help reduce business costs. If you can use it effectively, it’ll make you a highly attractive employee [or job candidate].”

More opportunities appear before you

Jones said, “AI skills are not limited to a single industry or role. From healthcare to finance, from marketing to manufacturing, AI’s reach is vast. This means that AI skills can open up a multitude of career paths, increasing your marketability and potential for higher earnings.”

Closing Thoughts

AI skills can boost your resume’s impact in the eyes of a hiring manager or human resources professional. But have you considered using an AI tool to write your resume or cover letter?

As long as you review each document for accuracy and add some of your personality, leveraging the technology could generate a job-winning application quickly and easily.

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