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MACE Virtual Labs Partners With Uvisan to Create Safer, More Hygienic VR and AR Programs

·3 min read

This means VR and AR users will be better protected from pathogens like Covid-19 while sharing equipment for education, enterprise or military XR programs.

HOUSTON, Aug 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- MACE Virtual Labs, a turnkey provider of virtual and augmented reality programs, has partnered with Uvisan, a leader in rapid equipment disinfection. This partnership offers greater protection from pathogens like Covid-19 to VR and AR users. Those who leverage XR hardware - whether for enterprise, education or military use - must share headsets, gloves, treadmills and more. In the absence of comprehensive disinfection, users risk passing contagions to one another. The continuation of multi-user XR solutions hinges on swift and reliable hardware sanitation, which Uvisan provides. MACE will incorporate Uvisan products into current and future clients' XR programs.

VR and AR were among the industries hit hardest by the pandemic, in large part due to the necessity of shared equipment in labs, training programs and arcades. With an eye to the future, both MACE and Uvisan are enthusiastic about the revitalization of XR when the pandemic draws to a close. They hope to play a vital role in ensuring the safe use of hardware as organizations resume XR programs after a year-long intermission.

Uvisan's two core products include disinfection cabinets for equipment and 'Cleanroom' devices for whole-room sanitation. Both utilize the brand's namesake, UV-C light, to sterilize HMDs (head-mounted devices), laptops, tablets and more. Uvisan's products are lab-tested and certified in line with IEC 62471 and ISO standards. They employ a level of UV-C irradiance that kills 99.9% of SARS, H-CoV 229E , H-CoVOC43, H-CoV 229E, Influenza A (H1N1), and Covid-19 in under five minutes of exposure. Uvisan is unique in that its cabinets can simultaneously store, charge and disinfect headsets. The brand also pioneered the multi-headset, 360-degree surface coverage approach, ensuring the entire device is reliably disinfected every time.

"Having seen the range of amazing technology Mace VL offers [through their other partners], we believed our cabinets were a perfect fit and a great complementary product to the virtual reality hardware available at MACE," says David Cartwright, Head of Sales at Uvisan. "MACE VL brings a complete solution for all things VR to the public and private sector. Alongside our UV-C cabinets, they are now able to offer a truly unbeatable proposition for anyone wishing to explore the world of VR."

With the addition of Uvisan to their partner portfolio, MACE can now seamlessly integrate disinfection products into their XR solutions. The result is a more hygienic environment for the trailblazers who want to leverage VR and AR safely within their organizations. Coronavirus resurgences have proven that we never know when the next outbreak will occur. Sanitation tools like Uvisan's have become critical to user safety and the continuation of XR programs at large.

To learn more about launching a hygienic XR solution for your organization, visit https://www.macevl.com/

To explore Uvisan's comprehensive UV-C cleaning solution for XR devices, visit https://www.uvisan.com/

Edgar Acosta, Managing Partner

MACE Virtual Labs

(281) 844-4139


David Cartwright, Head of Sales



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