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MacKay Meters Receives FCC Approval for MacKay Guardian(TM) SOLO Parking Meter

NEW GLASGOW, NOVA SCOTIA--(Marketwired - Apr 8, 2013) - MacKay Meters, a recognized world leader in the parking control business, announced today that the latest version of the MacKay Guardian™ SOLO parking meter-which includes several innovative wireless features-has received FCC Certification on April 5, 2013. Certification demonstrates that equipment complies with the FCC's technical requirements, and enables MacKay to offer the latest SOLO wireless parking meter solutions to customers in the United States.

Parking meters manufactured by MacKay are among the most technologically advanced in the world. MacKay was the first manufacturer to produce a fully electronic parking meter in 1988. The previous version of the SOLO, which featured integrated cellular data, contactless payment and RFID using Near Field Communications (NFC), became the first FCC Certified single-space wireless parking meter in 2011. The latest SOLO adds to these capabilities by offering additional enhancements to power management and wireless performance. With today's announcement, MacKay confirms that it continues to meet its regulatory obligations by ensuring the latest SOLO adheres to all applicable FCC rules.

"Our commitment is to our customers and to meeting the demands of our ever-changing industry. Integrating advanced wireless features such as cellular data, contactless payment, and other RFID technologies is helping to bring about a new era of innovation, efficiency, and convenience to the parking control business. But these same wireless features also introduce regulatory responsibilities-particularly when incorporated in the same device." said George MacKay, President of MacKay Meters. "As wireless parking meter solutions evolve, manufacturers must likewise understand and meet their evolving obligations to comply with federal rules. This latest FCC certification underscores the commitment we have made to the industry and to our customers to ensure we are in compliance."

"With the increased sophistication of parking meters, it becomes more difficult for customers to know what questions to ask of their suppliers. It's important that suppliers educate their customers, that customers ask questions, and that suppliers are compliant." expressed Mr. MacKay. "As an industry expert, we want our customers to rest assured that when they buy MacKay products, these products meet current regulatory requirements."

About the MacKay Guardian™ SOLO

The MacKay Guardian™ SOLO provides cellular connectivity and payment flexibility to customers. It supports a variety of payment forms including magnetic stripe credit cards, contactless NFC payments (e.g. MasterCard® PayPass®, Google Wallet™), coins, smart cards, and pay-by-phone. In addition, the SOLO features MacKay's patented SmartHousing™ technology, which uses an RFID reader in the SOLO to read the location information from an RFID tag mounted inside the housing/pole. The SOLO then automatically adjusts its meter configuration based on that location, without human intervention.

About MacKay Meters

For more than fifty years, and with over 500,000 meters sold, MacKay Meters has provided customers worldwide with innovative parking systems including quality single and multi-space parking meters. MacKay's solar powered, cellular-enabled MacKay Guardian™ SOLO was the first single-space meter to receive FCC Certification (Sept. 21, 2011), PTCRB Certification (Sept. 22, 2011), and the first to obtain EMV™ Level 1 Contactless Certification (Dec. 27, 2012). For more information on MacKay Meters, please visit www.mackaymeters.com.