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MacKeeper Continues Transformation Launching 24/7 Data Breach Monitoring

LONDON, Sept. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Mackeeper—a software known and used by over 1.4 million users for performance, protection and MAC optimisation—is continuing its transformation to offer a one-stop solution for MAC digital protection and privacy. Today the company is launching two new features: ID Theft Guard™ which helps consumers secure leaked data quickly by instantly alerting them of online account breaches and StopAd™ ad blocker, preventing ads interrupting consumers' online. Initial tests of the ID Theft Guard feature show that 52% of users had private account data compromised in unresolved web breaches. You can check your emails after installing MacKeeper here.

MacKeeper Continues Transformation Launching 24/7 Data Breach Monitoring

Are you a Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp user, ever stayed in Marriott hotel or flew with British Airways? If an answer is yes—at least for one of these—you're probably one of millions, who's personal data went public, making you potentially vulnerable for phishing, fraud, identity theft, etc.

Kromtech's original research shows that on average it takes 13 seconds for hackers to compromise any database they find online. However, it takes companies on average 197 days to notify consumers that their data has been leaked.

ID Theft Guardallows consumers to instantly understand if their online accounts are compromised and quickly re-secure them if needed, preventing hackers from using it for phishing, fraud, identity theft, etc. 

With this new feature you can check multiple online accounts to find if they are secure. It also enables 24/7 data breach monitoring for all personal and work emails with immediate alerts when data goes public.

"In the critical early period after the breach, a lot of the damage to consumers around privacy and personal data can be avoided, but isn't. We're going to change this with ID Theft Guard that notifies people about their data being exposed and gives them a head-start over the ID thieves," —says Alun Baker, CEO of Kromtech.

The company is planning to offer a free trial later in the year.

About Kromtech

Kromtech, the maker of Mackeeper, is the synergy of over 800+ passionate leaders, developers, security experts, and Apple Certified Support Professionals with a single mission to help people take back control of their online security and privacy. The company aims to provide a unique easy to use personalized solution (software and service) to help Mac and mobile users protect themselves by minimizing their vulnerabilities and advising them, so they can create a worry-free online environment. Mackeeper.com/about

Kromtech was founded eight years ago as a small cleaning utility, MacKeeper, and has evolved into a world-famous, Mac-focused performance and security software suite. The company began its transformation in 2018 and has accelerated in 2019 with an all-new senior team.

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