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Madvapes Registers Products With Europe TPD!

MOORESVILLE, N.C., March 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Madvapes, a leading retailer in electronic cigarettes and producer of premium e-liquids, has successfully registered 86 e-liquid products to comply with the European Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). 

Madvapes has developed strong partnerships with international testing laboratories and has invested significant resources and capital into the registration process.  Madvapes is a strong believer in quality assurance and produces e-liquids to high standards.  As part of the process, the company's e-liquids were subjected to rigorous testing requirements at an independent laboratory and detailed ingredient disclosures were provided to the EU Commission. Madvapes has now received registration numbers from the EU DG Health and Food Safety Department who administer TPD compliance procedures for these products. 

Registration enables Madvapes to continue to sell a select number of proprietary brands as well as third-party brands where it has distribution agreements within key European markets.  Madvapes has a growing retail footprint in Germany with locations in Frankfurt and Russelheim with more locations planned to open soon as well as a location in Dublin, Ireland.  In addition to its US retail footprint, Madvapes distributes e-liquids in USA, Germany, United Kingdom and Ireland.

"We are excited about this step in developing strong brands around the globe.  The experience registering with TPD is a great precursor for working with the FDA through the outlined PMTA process. Our goal is to provide our customers around the globe with high-quality, great tasting products," Mark Kehaya, Madvapes Chairman comments.

Madvapes mission is to help those seeking an alternative to Tobacco with products, education and services, it caters for consumers new to vaping as well as seasoned vaping enthusiasts. Madvapes carries a comprehensive range of vaping products and e-liquids in its stores which are spread across the Eastern States of the USA and Texas.

About Madvapes
Madvapes is a Mooresville, NC based corporation, distributes electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, mods, parts and accessories.  Madvapes has one of the largest retail footprints in the U.S., including a franchise offering, and has a growing European footprint. Established in 2009 and a leading authority in Electronic Cigarettes, Madvapes is an advocate for consumer product education, safety and regulatory governance.

For more information, please visit: Madvapes.com

CONTACT: Madvapes, marketing@madvapes.com

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