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MAG Silver responds to reports of illegal eviction from Cinco de Mayo

MAG Silver is responding to reports from local media in Mexico that landholders from Benito Juarez decided during an assembly meeting of the local community in the evening of Saturday, November 17, to expel MAG from its Cinco de Mayo property and establish a 100 year mining moratorium. MAG is strongly of the view that the assembly meeting was called and conducted illegally as a result of the efforts of a concentrated group of radical activists opposed to mining in the region. MAG is in the process of pursuing legal remedies at both the state and federal levels to have the meeting and all resolutions passed at the meeting declared null and void. MAG is highly confident that the illegal resolutions will not be permitted to stand. Further details regarding the assembly meeting and the surface access permissions required from the local Ejido in connection with MAG's exploration and development plans at Cinco de Mayo will be provided shortly.