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Magazine Ad Spending Is Up — On The iPad [THE BRIEF]

Laura Stampler
ipad magazines

Good morning, AdLand. Here's what you need to know today:

According to Kantar Media, magazines with iPad editions saw first quarter ad sales increase by 23.6% from last year. Print ad sales for the same magazines are flat.

Mashable picked out 10 weird Microsoft ads that will make your head hurt.

Here's a list of every ad that won a grand prix in Cannes.

The Atlantic looks at if funny ads work.

Stride Gum made a game app that you can control by chewing

Mobile advertising has quadrupled in Brazil.

What's it like being a dad in the advertising business?

Jaguar is trying its hand at innovative digital advertising.

Here's why Cosmopolitan had three different magazine covers for its March issue, featuring Miley Cyrus.

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