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Magenium Solutions Launches New Productivity App

WHEATON, IL--(Marketwired - Nov 1, 2013) - Magenium Solutions announced the release of a new productivity business app for organizing photos, notes and audio in a centralized location. The new app, GatherNote™ was designed and developed by Magenium for a variety of targeted markets, including architects, engineering, construction, real estate, designers, insurance claims and more. GatherNote™ was developed exclusively for the iPad running iOS 7 and will be available for purchase on the App Store beginning Friday, November 1st, 2013.

GatherNote™ is marketed as an all-in-one app for organizing projects and keeping all the relevant information associated with them in one central place. The app goes well beyond being a simple repository for projects, because users can add annotations, draw dimensions, record audio notes, and pin relevant information to the subject photo.

This app is an extremely powerful tool for mapping out ideas, thoughts or concepts. For example, a real estate agent would use GatherNote™ to capture features or issues pertaining to a property walkthrough. The agent can take a variety of pictures and instantly capture important notes associated with each photo. By simply pinning pictures with voice annotations, written notes or additional detailed pictures, the real estate agent now has accurate representation of all features or issues associated with a specific property listing. The added ability to export the project in PDF format provides an easy means for communicating with clients, inspectors, contractors or other real estate team members.

"When people are 'out in the field' for their respective jobs, they don't always have access to tools or resources to properly organize their projects," says Eric Reiner, VP of Custom Development at Magenium Solutions. "With a powerful app like GatherNote™ combined with the portability of an iPad, people in a broad range of professions now have access to an intuitive tool to capture the essentials." Magenium Solutions believes GatherNote™ has the potential to be a reliable tool in the repertoire of many professionals.

GatherNote™ provides these key features:

  • Photographs - Snap photographs or use existing images from the photo library.
  • Notes - Take notes and pin them to a specific location.
  • Dimensions - Easily draw distances and dimensions using the dimension pin. Enlarged cross-hairs help with accurate placement.
  • Audio Annotation - With just a few taps, audio annotations can be easily added to any project.
  • Nested Content - The pin feature provides the ability to easily nest content (images inside of images) where appropriate. This is an extremely powerful tool for mapping out project details.
  • Tagging - Provide additional context to images, audio, notes, and even dimensions by adding tagged information to placed pins, such as names, numbers or prices. Choose from the standard tag library or create custom tags.
  • Search & Filter - A powerful search and filter feature allows for neatly organized projects, providing an easy means for quick retrieval of important project information.
  • Email PDFs - Easily send beautifully formatted PDFs of certain aspects of a project via e-mail.

Magenium plans to release GatherNote™ for a limited introductory price of just $4.99 on The App Store. Beyond that, the price will list at full retail at $7.99 per licensed download. Additional information about GatherNote™ can be found on www.GatherNote.com, including a feature summary, screen shots, video and download information.

About Magenium Solutions

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