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Magic guard Mario Hezonja ruins 4-on-1 fast break with awful between-the-legs pass

Magic guard Mario Hezonja made an ill-advised pass at a pretty bad time. (AP Photo)

It takes a lot of guts to go for a between-the-legs pass during an NBA game. Pull it off, and you’re almost guaranteed a highlight people swoon over. Fail, and you’re best off setting your social media accounts to private for a few days.

That might be a strategy employed by Orlando Magic guard Mario Hezonja soon. The 22-year-old tried to capitalize on a 4-on-1 fast break with a highlight-caliber between-the-legs pass. It did not go well.

The pass doesn’t get anywhere near its intended target. Instead, it is easily snatched by Detroit Pistons guard Ish Smith, who was literally the only defender in the area.

As the announcers say at the end of the clip, “Sometimes, [Hezonja] just doesn’t make good decisions.” That seems like an understatement.

The play came with the Magic leading 41-35 in the second quarter, so while it wasn’t the ideal time to try for a flashy play, it didn’t happen at a crucial moment in the contest. You would hope it convinced Hezonja to just deliver a normal pass next time he finds himself in that situation.

Still, we have to give Hezonja credit. In the end, his pass did result in a highlight. Just not one he’s going to want to celebrate any time soon.

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