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This Magical Floating Tent Will Make The World Your Waterbed

Campers, rejoice! This floating tent is all you need for a night on the water. 

Fly fishing outfitter Smithflyis debuting a product they call theShoal Tent, which they saywill turn any pond, creek or salt flat into your personal waterbed. The floating raft fits two people comfortably underneath aninflatable tent topper, with none of those pesky poles (the company says its three air chambers can stand up to high winds on their own). The floor is a 6-inch-thick air mattress of sorts, which lets you relax smack dab in the middle of nature.

Camping retailersoffer hammock tents aplenty, but floating abodes areharder to come by. This looks likethe sturdiest and roomiest we’ve seen on the market yet. 

The product descriptionmakes no mention of anchors, so we imagine you’d need to set up camp in a calm, current-free body of water in order to avoid a splashy “Parent Trap” moment

Shoal Tent comes at a cost, however. It currentlyretails for $1,499 on Smithfly’s site, where you can pre-order it for shipping in late December or early January.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.