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Magnum Hunter delays filing, updates on status of annual report

Magnum Hunter Resources announced that, due to the reasons previously disclosed in its SEC filings and as further described, the filing of the Company's Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2012 will be delayed beyond the extended due date of March 18. As previously disclosed, Magnum Hunter identified certain material weaknesses in its internal controls over financial reporting in connection with its (i) lack of sufficient qualified personnel to design and manage an effective control environment, (ii) period-end financial reporting processes and (iii) share-based compensation. Magnum Hunter has implemented, and continues to implement, measures to address these weaknesses in the future. These measures have included the employment of a significant number of more experienced accounting personnel, including the addition of the following new personnel: a chief accounting officer, a head of financial reporting, a head of internal audit, a head of tax, two Company controllers, and two regional controllers. In addition, Magnum Hunter is utilizing third party technical resources, including consultants and professional advisory firms, to assist in the implementation of these measures. Magnum Hunter also intends to implement a new integrated accounting and land information system during fiscal year 2013. The Company may identify additional material weaknesses as it finalizes its financial statements for fiscal 2012 and, if so, it will take appropriate measures to address any such weaknesses. The Company's rapid growth, particularly during the last 24 months, has resulted in complex and challenging accounting issues and operational integration matters that have required a significant amount of time and human resources in order to complete the fiscal 2012 audit. Magnum Hunter continues to work diligently with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, its independent auditors, to provide all the necessary information, including the finalization of all adjustments and supporting analysis, so they can complete the audit of the Company's financial statements for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2012 as promptly as possible. At this time, Magnum Hunter is not aware of any disagreements with its auditors regarding the Company's fiscal 2012 financial statements. In addition, the Company has not discovered any material errors or omissions that would require a restatement of its previously issued unaudited 2012 quarterly financial information. Magnum Hunter expects to obtain the necessary consents from its lenders under the Company's senior credit facility to allow the Company to provide its 2012 audited consolidated financial statements at a later date, and also expects to obtain similar consents from the lenders under Eureka Hunter Pipeline, LLC's credit facilities. In addition, Magnum Hunter intends to take the appropriate action to prevent or cure any default under the Company's senior notes indenture resulting from its failure to timely file this audited financial information.