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Maine voters approve 3 bond issues in $76M package

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) -- Maine voters have approved three bond issues, but the fate of a fourth in a package totaling $76 million is undecided.

The largest of the bond issues on Tuesday's statewide ballot was $51.5 million for transportation projects. It got the strongest support, 73 percent voting yes with about half the precincts counted. The bulk of the money in Question 4 is for improvements to the state's highways and bridges.

Voters also approved Question 3, seeking $5 million for land and conservation easements for outdoor recreation. And they approved Question 5, seeking $7.9 million for public drinking water systems and wastewater treatment facilities.

Question 2 seeks $11.3 million for capital improvements for the University of Maine System, the community college system and Maine Maritime Academy. It was too close to call.