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Majesty and Elize Are Breaking Barriers and Building Communities

·3 min read

“Businesses do not run on profits, they run on reputation” as the famous saying goes. Following it, Majesty and Elize, an African American millennial entrepreneur duo, is reinventing the soul of real estate property by incorporating their unique ideas and breaking barriers in order to bring in vogue a culture adorned with affordable housing options. This duo dipped their toes in the real estate industry in 2017, and in just three years, they have successfully managed to gain the reputation of a company that builds communities, not just profits.

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Majesty and Elize learned the ropes of the real estate world in a short period of time. The idea of bringing a sustainable change to the community with their work appealed to them. Majesty and Elize, in order to bring their idea to life, invested in 4 correlating companies with separate functions of their own, summing up to bring the cause a full circle.

Atlanta is a chaotic hub that leaves little or no scope for expansion in the construction industry. The idea of living in a suffocating space is what drove this couple to create smart, sustainable and affordable housing options for nuclear families as well as commercial buildings.

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EVOPIA, was started by Majesty and Elize as a non-profit organization that works for the uplifting of the Black community. This organization works with Government entities in order to provide disadvantaged individuals shelter spaces. The EVOPIA community facilitates resources pooling them in the interests of the African diaspora, where it provides hedge funds helping the people in economic, health and political crises. EVOPIA offers a wide range of services such as affordable housing, educational tools, and supplies like clothes, food and more to uplift minority groups globally.

Majesty and Elize have captured the attention of several media outlets and have become a centre of attraction in the industry. This couple plans to secure over 1000 households along with raising hedge fund of $100 million, which has resulted in them breaking the preconceived notions and barriers while working efficiently for the good of the community.

Unlike other companies, this couple makes sure that they focus on creating a value that is well recognized by the community and built on something that resonates with the long-standing beliefs of the people. Majesty specializes in business operations and investment policies and Elize excels in marketing and creativity. Bringing to life the perspectives of both men and women, and representing the entire African American culture, this duo is bound to reach the unspoken heights, achieving their life-long dream while uplifting the Black community altogether.

Majesty and Elize have proved that building a business might not be in your control but connecting with your community is. We live in a world characterized by emotions, and giving back to the community represents the greatest of human emotions coiled with efforts and a longing to do better.

To connect with Majesty & Elize, visit majestyelize.com