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A major breakthrough in global medical development XMED Chain available token to pay for cross-border medical services

HONG KONG / ACCESSWIRE / April 30, 2018 / As the world's first medical blockchain + AI big data analysis platform, XMED Chain specialize in cross-border medical solutions. It already established strategic cooperation with Hong Kong Advanced Medical Holdings which users can use XMC Token pay for medical service. Hong Kong Advanced Medical Holdings services cover cross-border medical solutions, customers include mainland China and overseas. World's first use of blockchain for medical scenarios and practice in cross-border medical services.

Hong Kong Advanced Medical Holdings located in the prime location of Hong Kong central district - One, Two Chinachem Central. It is Hong Kong's first one-stop comprehensive medical building.

Subsidiary company of HKAMH
- Hong Kong Advanced Medical Centre
- Hong Kong Advanced Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetology Limited
- Hong Kong Oncology Services Limited
- Health Marketing Services Limited (H.M.S.)

Hong Kong Advanced Medical Centre
Provides personalized genetic testing services with international standard technology, Operate a day surgery center include advanced medical equipment, provides specialized services for all types of surgery and endoscopy. Advanced equipment includes: magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), interventional radiotherapy and digital subtraction angiography, ultrasound, X-rays, DEXA Bone Densitometry, esophagus, stomach and colonoscopy Blood tests etc.

Hong Kong Advanced Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetology Limited
The medical cosmetology and plastic surgery center equipped with advanced medical equipments, instruments and professional doctors to effectively help clients by solving various cosmetology problems.

Hong Kong Oncology Services Limited
To provide comprehensive "interdisciplinary" cancer treatment and care services, including treatment referred by the Centre or other hospitals and laboratories, to provide patients with a one-stop medical service. The center also provides a wide range of screening, imaging diagnostics, interventional radiotherapy and cancer drug treatment services. The concept of "comprehensive cancer diagnosis and treatment" was presented to improve the patient's cure rate, survival rate and quality of life.

Health Marketing Services Limited (H.M.S.)
Combined with services such as specialist doctors, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, medical cosmetology, medical technology consultants, and professional services such as preventive care and specialist care, provide patient with efficient, high-quality and comprehensive care.

Today, XEMD Chain has combined overseas medical treatment with the blockchain technology has led the medical industry to a new milestone.

Prime location of Hong Kong central district

Medical Equiments of HKAMH

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) – SIGNA Voyager

Computed tomography (CT) – GE Revolution CT

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