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Major Companies Pledge to Shut Down for Global Climate Strike

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Four of the most socially-conscious companies around will shut down on September 20th, and are encouraging their employees to take part in the Global Climate Strike. Green Day Ben & Jerry's, Lush Cosmetics, Patagonia, and Seventh Generation have all pledged support for the strike, which will take place as part of a week of action before the UN Climate Summit. The Global Climate Strike will see millions of people walk out of their jobs or school for the day and join protesters to march for climate justice and bring further attention to the need to combat climate change. B Plus It’s not at all surprising that these four companies are taking a stand. Lush is a privately-owned cosmetics company with a long tradition of ecologically friendly business practices, and has built its reputation on vegetarian and vegan-friendly products and a firm stance against animal cruelty. The other three companies are all benefit corporations, or “B Corps” as they are commonly known, which means they are legally allowed to value long-term goals and social concerns such as the environment, ahead of short-term profits for shareholders. This has been a busy month for the B Corps, as they recently prodded the Business Roundtable to prove their socially-conscious bonafides by switching over to their team. Get In There Per the name, the Global Climate Strike is taking place around the world, and we’re all invited. "Everyone is needed to disrupt business as usual: from sports stars, actors, and teachers to food industry workers, psychologists, delivery drivers, and everything in between," the organizers wrote on their website. Rose Marcario, Patagonia’s President and Chief Executive Officer got the message, and is trying to get other CEOs to come along. "We invite the business community and all those concerned about the fate of our planet and humankind to answer with action and join us." -Michael Tedder Photo by Adobe {UN, PATAF, NASDAQ}