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'Making a Murderer' convict Steven Avery's ex-fiancee says he's guilty and 'beat me all the time'

Paul Schrodt
making a murderer

The ex-fiancee of Steven Avery, seen in "Making a Murderer," has very different words from what she said in the Netflix true-crime documentary.

Jodi Stachowski did an interview with Nancy Grace's HLN show that aired Wednesday night, in which she says she believes Avery is "not innocent."

Asked about her history with Avery, she says that he was physically abusive toward her and that they only had "two" good times together.

"He'd beat me all the time, punch me, throw me against the wall," Stachowski said.

Her relationship with Avery and their engagement ended while Avery was arrested for and eventually convicted of the murder of Teresa Halbach in 2005. In the documentary, she's seen supporting Avery and providing evidence that he didn't commit the murder, saying she talked to him the night of the crime and he didn't sound rushed.

Stachowski now says her comments in "Making a Murderer" were an "act," and compares Avery to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Avery can be a "semi-nice person, and then behind closed doors, he's a monster," she said.

She also claims that he threatened to "kill me, my family, and a friend of mine," and told her that "if I didn't say anything good and nice about him, I'd pay."

And perhaps most bizarre of all, Stachowski also claims, "I ate two boxes of rat poison just so I could go to the hospital and get away from him."

Watch the whole interview with Steven Avery ex Jodi Stachowski below:



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