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Making Offices Obsolete: Le-Vel Thrive Goes Digital with Cloud Technology

Business world is experiencing another technological revolution, in the form of cloud-based operations infrastructure. Le-Vel, a health and wellness business in the direct selling market, is at the forefront of this change.

FRISCO, TX / ACCESSWIRE / August 21, 2019 / As technology develops, businesses have to adapt to keep up. Industrial processes revolutionized production and allowed manufacturers to mass produce high-quality products at a fraction of the cost. Computers optimized worker efficiency, and made it possible for employees to easily manage otherwise complex tasks. Improving communications technologies empowered businesses to better connect with their audiences for a more targeted, personalized sales journey. And in every instance, organizations that resisted these changes were left behind to fade into obscurity.

And now, the business world is experiencing another technological revolution, in the form of cloud-based operations infrastructure. Le-Vel, a health and wellness business in the direct selling market, is at the forefront of this change.

Known for their Thrive products, Le-Vel has evolved along with technology through the adoption of cloud-based infrastructure. Essentially, the Le-Vel Cloud Management system replaces the need for a physical office, allowing the business to be run entirely remotely.

Although direct sales businesses have always depended on home-based salespersons, the majority of the business infrastructure itself has traditionally been based in physical offices. And with these offices come significant expenses - real estate and building costs, rent payments, remodeling expenses, and recurring maintenance and utilities costs, to name only a few. But cloud technology is making the physical office obsolete. By moving to cloud-based infrastructure, Le-Vel has been able to reduce staffing costs and completely eliminate any building charges, allowing them to operate a successful business without the associated overhead.

According to Le-Vel’s website, this shift to cloud technology has allowed them to pour money into their LV Rewards Plan. This rewards plan was designed to benefiting their remote promoters, as Le-Vel Thrive depends on word-of-mouth to market its products. People take to social media to talk about their Thrive experience, which involves a daily regimen of supplementary pills, shakes and DFT (Derma Fusion Technology) patches.

Another advantage of cloud-based infrastructure is the ability to tackle large scale automated tasks, including order tracking and shipping. Cloud technology like this also scales well with a growing business, as it doesn’t rely on training new employees. This likely came in handy for Le-Vel as they hit $1 billion in sales within their first five years in business, and then reached the $2 billion mark only two years later. Furthermore, with a system that can run 24/7, cloud technology means Le-Vel is able to provide faster, more efficient customer service across a broader area.

Of course, Direct Sales Companies don’t just thrive because of their technologically advanced infrastructure, but through human connection. Despite not having a physical office space, Le-Vel is still dependent on the views of their customers and promoters. Thrive reviews are present across the Le-Vel website, many of which discuss not only their positive experience with Thrive products, but their initial misgivings as well. For a company in the cloud, Le-Vel Thrive still manages to make a space for the people who help make Le-Vel possible.

The business world is changing, and those businesses that don’t evolve along with it may become extinct. Le-Vel’s adoption of cloud technology eliminates the need for a physical office building, and demonstrates the advantages - both in terms of efficiency and economy - that businesses stand to inherit should they follow suit.

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