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Man arrested for using tractor to dump soil on girlfriend in car

Zoe Tidman

A Florida man in used a tractor to dump a huge mound of soil over a car – with his girlfriend inside.

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office said the woman drove to her boyfriend’s work at an excavating company after he said he wanted to talk.

The car she was driving was someone else’s Cadillac.

After his girlfriend refused to answer a question, Hunter Mills dumped a bucket full of dirt on the driver’s side of the borrowed car using a front-end loader, the office said.

Despite being inside the car when the mound of dirt fell on top, the woman was not injured.

The driver’s side window was open which allowed dirt to fill the air vents, centre console and power windows.

The sheriff’s office posted a photograph on social media showing the car covered in dirt at the site.

Mr Mills was arrested and charged with criminal mischief.

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