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This Man Dropped Pumpkin-Filled Dudeoir Pics Just In Time For Halloween

Brittany Wong

Photographer Gayla Thompson loves a good dudeoir shoot almost as much as she loves Halloween. Luckily, she’s married to a man who’ll indulge both her interests. 

To get in the Halloween spirit, the Nashville, Tennessee-based photog “begged” her hubby Ryan to pose in a field wearing little more than a pumpkin or two. The results are absolutely bootiful: 

Folksy realness. (GT Photography)

Ryan really embraced the challenge.

Pumpkin bae. (GT Photography)

Seriously, look at his modeling skills.

Werk those pumpkins.  (GT Photography)

In an interview with HuffPost, Thompson said her husband is naturally a character but even she was surprised at how well he pulled off the shoot.

“He just freaking rocked it!” she said. “These were my ideas but once we started the shoot, my husband took over and there was no need for direction. He’s a great model.”


This is a man who loves his wife. (GT Photography)

For more of Ryan’s frightfully funny dudeoir shoot, scroll down. 

(GT Photography)
(GT Photography)
(GT Photography)
(GT Photography)
(GT Photography)

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  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.