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WATCH: Man falls out of car trying to punch another driver on busy highway

A man has tried to punch another man while he was hanging out of the car window on a busy highway in Saudi Arabia in a shocking road rage incident.

Video - taken by another motorist - shows a grey car driving next to a black SUV when a man appears out of the passenger side window.

Both cars are seen driving right next to each other while the man attempts to punch the driver as half his body hangs out the window.

The passenger appears out of the window and starts punching at the other driver. Source: LiveLeak

The SUV attempts to escape the attack and moves over to another lane but the driver of the SUV is determined to follow him and moves over another lane too.

The SUV is seen swerving, trying anything to get rid of the silver car, while the man continues to hang out the window.

It doesn't end well when the SUV finds an opening and speeds up.

The man's door flings open. Source: LiveLeak
He falls out of the car onto the busy highway. Source: LiveLeak

The passenger hanging out the window then somehow opens the door he is leaning on and falls out of the car, tumbling onto the highway.

He quickly gets up, dusting himself off in the process, and runs to the side of the road, magically avoiding getting hit by a car.