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Man who pawned stolen property from Rob Gronkowski’s house after break-in gets probation

Curtis Crabtree

A Foxborough man who pleaded guilty to pawning rare coins stolen from the house of former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has been sentenced to probation.

According to the Associated Press, Eric Tyrrell has been sentenced to two years of probation for receiving stolen property stemming from the break-in.

Gronkowski’s house was broken into in February 2018 while he was away in Minnesota playing in the Super Bowl against the Philadelphia Eagles. While most of his possessions were inaccessible to the intruders, Gronkowski’s roommates has items stolen. Among those items was a pair of silver dollar proofs, which made their way to Tyrrell. Tyrrell then sold the coins to a pawn shop for $3,550.

Tyrrell was not charged as part of the break-in. He has claimed he did not know the coins, which have since been recovered, were stolen property.

Cases remaining pending against two men indicted for the home invasion.