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Man Tries To Sell His Girlfriend On eBay And Is Surprised When People Actually Bid On Her

Caroline Moss
ebay girlfriend


Debbie Moran and Shaun Coles

Happy Valentine's Day? What started out as a joke turned into something entirely different after UK resident Shaun Coles listed his long-time girlfriend Debbie Moran for sale on eBay and people actually bid on her.

The highest bid was $1,181.00. More than 50 people bid on Moran, even though selling a person is obviously against the rules on eBay.

The Daily Dot reports that Coles described Moran as an "old woman," and complained about her inability to do housework.

The photo Coles used was as unflattering as his description; the picture has Moran  sprawled on the couch in leggings checking the computer next to what seems to be a pile of trash. 

Girlfriend on eBay


“In all seriousness, I wouldn’t sell her for anything,” Coles insisted on ITV.

“Awww. He’s trying to redeem himself,” Moran said of her boyfriend of 6 years.

Moran told ITV even though she “hated” the photo and was “a bit annoyed” at first, she realized that Coles “didn’t do it maliciously.”

“It’s just a joke that got a bit out of hand.”


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