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Managed Service Providers are 'Fighting a Losing Battle'

Dark Cubed publishes comprehensive analysis of attacks against the Managed Service Providers on the front lines of today's cyber battlefield

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Jan. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Dark Cubed analyzed network traffic from real-world firewalls deployed at managed service providers around the world to better understand the threats that they face. MSP networks are under a barrage of attacks from malicious threat actors. 100% of MSP's we reviewed suffered either automated attacks, directed attacks, or both.  Dark Cubed's report identifies the issues, and the solutions that MSPs should implement to protect themselves and their client's data.

Vince Crisler, CEO of Dark Cubed described this as a "new era of cyber risk."  He expounded: "What we are seeing today is a level of organization and sophistication that we have previously not seen from malicious actors focused on MSPs."

A single MSP network suffered a botnet attack comprised of 20,000 unique IP addresses representing 149 individual countries and 3,607 different organizations. In the U.S., MSPs serve over 64% of the small and medium size business market. Criminal actors are growing more sophisticated and seeking out targets that give them a bigger return on investment.

MSPs represent the first and most important line of defense when it comes to their clients security. When an attacker exploits one MSP, they have the potential to access the data of every customer that MSP interacts with. One compromised MSP can have catastrophic consequences. 

A CEO of one MSP who participated in the study said they are "fighting a losing battle." This report represents the first of its kind. MSPs must improve their network monitoring capabilities and secure their systems against the full-scale attacks they are facing on a daily basis.

About Dark Cubed

Dark Cubed is an Alexandria, Virginia-based company innovating in the cyber security market through a focus on effective, scalable cyber solutions for small and midsized companies. The company offers a low-friction, low-cost, highly-scalable software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to deliver enterprise-grade security capabilities to customers at a fraction of the cost of other solutions on the market. The full report can be downloaded at https://darkcubed.com/msp-report.

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