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Managed WordPress Hosting Joins the Decade-Old Club as a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry, Pioneered by Pagely

PHOENIX, Sept. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Think about how many startups you know that survive to 10 years in operation and remain profitable. What comes to mind? Facebook? Google? The Big Four are the obvious ones, but today we're announcing another, smaller fish who is quietly crushing their growth numbers in a multi-billion-dollar channel they created 10 years ago.

Pagely is celebrating 10 years since they created Managed WordPress Hosting as a service, now popularized by competitors like WPEngine, GoDaddy, WordPressVIP and others.

"For the type of company we wanted to be a part of, one that put our employees and customers first, we had to seek out and serve the top-tier customer base that would support and value that ethos," says Joshua Strebel, Pagely's CEO who co-founded the company with his wife, Sally Strebel. The tech power couple has largely managed to stay under the radar until finally agreeing on media attention and coverage in the likes of Forbes, The Associated Press, and Crunchbase. 

In a recent exposé from Joshua Strebel, he sheds light on how the husband and wife team have created an enterprise-level business that dominates a large slice of the Managed WordPress Hosting market share pie.

With the industry now settling into its 10th year of existence, we can expect molds to be broken, the competition to get tougher, and even more money to be spent in what has become a business-critical service when running a business in 2019.

Among the things on Pagely's impressive horizon for the remainder of the year include:

  1. Launching the first of its kind Serverless Hosting solution
  2. An increasingly important partnership with AWS
  3. Large self-investment in their industry-leading, proprietary technology  

Joshua Strebel explains, "as the Managed WordPress Hosting channel expanded, and the service offerings coalesced around similar feature sets and positioning, we remained laser-focused on moving up the value stack." It appears they have no intention of redirecting that focus. Hold on to your seats!

About Pagely

Pagely is the leading managed WordPress hosting provider for high-demand websites. Founded in 2009, Pagely offers premium, service-oriented hosting that can accommodate even the most complex and sophisticated high-traffic WordPress websites. Pagely clients range from growing tech companies and creative agencies to universities, non-profits, and governmental institutions. For more information, please visit: https://pagely.com/ or follow us at https://twitter.com/Pagely.

For more information on Pagely and Managed WordPress Hosting please contact Rod Austin, Marketing Director for Pagely at 406-396-0673 or 221510@email4pr.com.


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