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Manilla: A Financial Tool for Students

Sarah Kaufman

As college students nationwide are months away from finishing up this last semester for the school year, they’re heading in many different directions. Some are going right back to school in the fall, applying for whatever scholarships they can get their hands on, while others are gearing up for the “real world.” Many have no clue what’s in store for the future, and some think they have it all figured out.

The one thing most of them have in common, though, is that, if they’re not doing it already, they’re eventually going to have to manage their own money. And they will have to learn how to do it.

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That’s where Manilla comes in. If you’re looking for valuable, useful financial tools for students, Manilla is a good place to start. By now, you may know that Manilla is the leading, free and secure service that lets consumers manage their bills and accounts in one place online. We’ve also got 4+ star customer-rated mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Manilla lets you manage your financial accounts, utilities, daily deals, travel rewards programs, student loans, magazine and Netflix subscriptions, and more. But it isn’t just for people who have a lot of accounts to manage (though it is quite useful for them). It’s also for people who are looking for a way to simplify and organize their daily lives, no matter how many accounts they have.

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Manilla is a useful tool for young people to use as they are venturing off into their first job, or their final semester of college, or even their first month at school. It’s a way for students to learn how to manage their student loans and finances so that they don’t overspend, learn how to budget, and understand the importance of paying their bills on time.

Here are some of the key benefits students will experience by embracing Manilla:

Learning how to budget. Manilla helps students understand the importance of budgeting by helping them see everything in one place. By giving them the ability to view all of their balances and importance account information, they’ll know if they’re overspending on something they don’t necessarily need. Even if they don’t have that many accounts to manage, starting early will teach them the importance of keeping on top of their accounts and it will heighten their awareness of where they stand financially. A good place for college students to start is with adding their bank account or credit card account to Manilla. They can even add their Netflix account!

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Paying bills on time. Manilla sends bill pay reminders via text or email so that students learn to pay their bills on time. That means they will never make a late payment or pay a late fee (which is important for good credit!).

Living paper free. Manilla provides online account document storage forever, for free, which means students don’t have to deal with paper cluttering up their dorm rooms or first, second or third apartments. Young people are always moving, and being able to manage everything online eliminates the need to transport endless paper bills and statements.

Using technology. Mobile has taken over the world in which we live, so using Manilla’s mobile apps for iOS and Android will be no difficult feat for this generation’s college students. With a few taps of a screen, students can have all of their balances and account information in the palm of their hand.

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