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Manilla Mini: Green Your Kitchen in 4 Easy Steps

Lori Popkewitz Alper
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The kitchen is the central location in the home. Families meet there to eat, chat, and hang out. But it’s also the room that produces the largest amount of waste. Green your kitchen by following these easy steps.

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1. Replace cooking utensils with eco-friendly alternatives:

As your utensils get old and warn out, choose greener options, like stainless steels and wood to replace them. But before you go tossing out your silverware drawer, remember that the greenest thing you can do is to use what you already have and replace the old only when needed.

2. Choose healthy pots and pans:

Non-stick pots and pans are coated with Teflon. When used at high temperatures, Teflon can emit toxic fumes that can kill pet birds and cause people to develop flu-like symptoms. To avoid this—and other potential health risks—choose cast iron or stainless steel options.

3. Use reusable napkins:

Think of all the paper you are tossing out after each meal. If a five-person family eats just one meal a day at home using paper or disposable napkins, they are using 1,825 paper napkins per year. Switching to reusable napkins is a simple change that will have a big impact.

4. Invest in non-toxic cleaning products:

Our food comes in contact with counters and other surfaces in the kitchen. Using non-toxic cleaning products to clean those surfaces is very important. Try to find brands that don’t contain harsh chemicals or try making your own from baking soda, vinegar and other non-toxic ingredients.

For more green living tips, go to GroovyGreenLivin.com and visit The Manilla Folder.

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