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Manpreet Singh Co-Founder Innokrats is the Hub of Entrepreneurship Secrets

Entrepreneurship is all about delving into new ideas and operationalise them to make, life for people, more easy and comfortable. While entrepreneurship is no hidden talent but a state of mind, there are people that are incredibly synonymous to it. Manpreet Singh a tech entrepreneur perfectly exemplifies his marvellous skills to new generation millennial eyeing to learn the clandestine entrepreneurship secrets.

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Manpreet Singh is a popular name among influencers that ushers young generation entrepreneurs to achieve more in life. While he made his journey from a small city of Jammu Kashmir, Manpreet acquired name and fame in a pretty small span of time. And at the age of 19, he is developed into an established entity that is perceived as a remarkable portrait of success.

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While on his journey, he always had the clarity of thoughts and action. He knew what he wants to achieve despite uncertainties and challenges in the way. In fact, it is the part of his belongings, values, and courage that he attained from his mother, Mrs Balbir Kour, after losing his father at the age of 9. The strength of her mother and her support is clearly reflected in Manpreet unwavering ability to take decisions. Her influence on his mind has a strong impact on his life and is manifested in the form of taking life-changing decisions that shaped his entire life. And, this is how he kindles the idea of Co-founding Innokrats into existence at the young age of 18, when most teenagers finish school with Bikram Singh Multani. He is also the Founder of “ELITE QUO. MEDIA”. (https://www.elitequo.com/)

While the journey looks like two dots on a line, it was not utterly easy and took more than just sheer determination, discipline, and passion that are the real drivers of one’s success. To his support was his friend, Aditya Singh Kotwal, who according to him was his real supporter and more like a brother. His relentless support outpoured the missing blocks of the puzzle, of confidence and belief in Manpreet and ultimately his stars of fortune turn into a spotlight.
And, eventually, Manpreet Singh came into limelight to be known what he is today. A fighter, self-taught entrepreneur, goal achiever, and an inspiration for all who want to turn their world upside down. He is always there to mentor and shares his superlative entrepreneurship secrets with everyone.

A Peek into His Future Goals

Manpreet at the moment has teamed up with Bikram Singh Multani (Founder Innokrats) to develop contactless business cards, combining the touch of sustainability and revolutionary features. According to him, the product is already a buzz over the globe and he is assured of its success in the market. He is quite optimistic about his career goals ahead and the tremendous feet he has achieved till now keep fuelling his intensity and fire to reach the
paramount of success. For young entrepreneurs, he prescribes consistency and fearlessness as the key to achieve more in life. He encourages people mostly younger generation to introduce new risks in life and be prepared to fail. Because failure is how you gain new learning, experience, and the right path to your ultimate destination.