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MAP: Here Are All The Countries The US Went To War With In Tom Clancy's Novels

Walter Hickey

Author and brand Tom Clancy has died.

His passing comes after a long career of writing — and co-writing  — books  about the U.S. hypothetically going to war with other countries. 

The thing is, the foreign policy of the United States in the Clancy-verse is remarkably aggressive, and as a result the U.S. has invaded or gone to war with most of the world. By our calculation, in the Tom Clancy Universe the United States has been at war with no less than 2.6 billion people. 

This list may not be 100%, as I cannot claim to know the entire corpus of Clancy literature. Let me know about missing elements here or here and I'll gladly update the map. 

Orange countries are when the U.S. fought the European Federation in the EndWar series. Red countries we fought outright. Light red nations were in a state of war with the U.S. when they were in the Soviet Union. 

clancy chart

Walter Hickey / BI

Here's a rundown of when we fought who. 

  • Colombia - Clear and Present Danger
  • Vietnam - Without Remorse
  • Japan - Debt of Honor , others
  • China - SSN: Strategies for Submarine Warfare
  • Iran and Iraq - as the combined U.I.R. in Executive Orders
  • Afghanistan - The Teeth of the Tiger
  • USSR [Too many times to really go into]
  • European Federation - EndWar series
  • UPDATE: India, the site of a skirmish in Executive Orders

This clearly doesn't go into the video games, so any Clancy fans that want to help out feel free to get in touch. 

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