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This Map Shows The Most Expensive Cities In The World

Megan Willett
expensive cities expatistan ranking map

Expatistan This map shows the cost of living index scores from site Expatistan, with red showing more expensive cities and green showing cheaper cities.

This year, London was the most expensive city, where monthly rent for a furnished one-bedroom apartment was the equivalent of $4,250. A monthly ticket for public transportation was $215, and a typical man's haircut cost roughly $28.

Oslo, Geneva, Zurich, and New York City rounded out the top five.

The bottom of the list included Caracas in Venezuela, as well as the cities of Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, and Madras in India. According to Expatistan data, London is around 1,000% more expensive than Caracas.

The team at Expatistan calculated the price index value for hundreds of global cities based on the current cost of items such as housing, clothes, transportation, medicine, and food.

Below is the full list of the top 20 cities based on Expatistan's Cost of Living index.

1. London, UK (280)

2. Oslo, Norway (267)

3. Geneva, Switzerland (259)

4. Zurich, Switzerland (256)

5. New York City, USA (237)

6. Lausanne, Switzerland (233)

7. Singapore, Singapore (228)

8. Paris, France (219)

9. San Francisco, USA (218)

10. Copenhagen, Denmark (217)

11. Sydney Australia (215)

12. Hong Kong, China (214)

13. Brisbane, Australia (208)

14. The Hague, Netherlands (204)

15. Stockholm, Sweden (204)

16. Honolulu, USA (199)

17. Amsterdam, Netherlands (199)

18. Melbourne, Australia (198)

19. Tokyo, Japan (198)

20. Washington D.C., USA (197)

To see an interactive map and the full list of cities, head over to Expatistan's website.

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