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How Marcos Razzetti Helps Companies in Sales Funnel Strategy and Optimization

·4 min read

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / August 1, 2020 / Most companies struggle with sales funnel optimization because their priority is closing sales. However, in today's world, most businesses realize that market success is not just about making money, but also about communicating value. You will approach your sales to funnel with a strategy when you understand the demand for value from your target audience.

Sales funnel optimization entails tweaking each stage of the sales funnel with the intent of achieving the highest rates of acquisition, lead conversion, and retention of your target audience. An effective sales funnel strategy takes time and requires a lot of research and effort from your part. However, with a partner like BlueHackers Partnership, you can get this done ASAP.

Marcos Razzetti Owner of BlueHackers Partnership

Marcos Razzetti is the founder of BlueHackers Partnership & BlueHackers.com (among some of his companies). He started with no idea about marketing. Before venturing into entrepreneurship, he was a college student pursuing a medical degree. However, the boredom and strain of regular life began to take a toll on him. Marcos did not like the fact that after graduation, he might end up 35 years and in debt like most Americans. In the end, he decided to break free from the limiting mindset and to pursue entrepreneurship.

Starting as an entrepreneur exposed Marcos to the realities of business. He learned the hard way that most of the things taught in school and public opinion are not valid. Like most business start-ups, Marcos tried to sell products that he thought people needed. However, when he tried to make a sale, his customers would tell him the same thing, "Hey, this is great, but I just don't need this." A study by CB Insights revealed that 42% of companies fail because there is no market need. Marcos realized that for him to make sales, he had to interject three main factors: A significant need, a market niche, and the ability to solve it.

Sales Funnel Strategy & Optimization

As an expert in consulting and marketing funnels, Marcos helps businesses achieve success in their niche. He does this through his agency, BlueHackers Partnership. The agency converts unknown customers into automatic clients without big budgets. They achieve this for their clients using funnel marketing.

Previously, it was believed that the best way to sell online was a website. Everyone was doing digital marketing with websites. But funnels arrived and studies began to show that businesses that tried a funnel ended up selling six times compared to those that used the funnel. The results were the same regardless of niche, be it a dentist, gym owner, business consultant, speaker, or blogger.

A website is like a maze. When people visit it, they easily get confused because of the various options that distract them from getting to the product. Even if the customers understand the website, they don't buy because the website acts as a direct sale. You cannot offer a total stranger a brochure and expect their money. Yet this is the same rule with the website. Whether it's a beautiful website or an ugly website, they fail because they are not designed to make sales.

Unlike websites, funnels are designed based on proven principles of selling. They guide potential customers through the sale as you would in person. As such, a funnel transforms customers from casual visitors to satisfied buyers. This means more prospects, more sales, and more money.

A sales funnel strategy helps you in several ways. First, the strategy helps you generate leads, increase brand awareness, build trust, and inevitably beat your competition. Marcos built his business by leveraging three main strategies:

a). Facebook Ads

b). Social Media

c). Marketing Funnels

A majority of today's customers are hanging out on social media. As such, social media has an integral role to play in every step of the sales funnel. So far, Marcos has helped his clients generate over 500k in three months on Instagram. He has also helped clients achieve over $40k in sales from Pinterest. Marcos himself generates seven figures a year through his laptop. He also presently has 250K Instagram followers. Social media intends to develop brand awareness, build an online presence, and generate sales. Marcos notes that with the right content, brands can successfully get in front of a customer and communicate the right message at the right time.

Are You Struggling with Sales Funnel Conversion?

Marcos has a passion for helping people create and scale businesses that help others. So far, he has taught hundreds of people on how to grow their business through sales funnel marketing. Lead generation and conversation remain an issue that most companies struggle to overcome. However, with an experienced mentor like Marcos, your business is likely to scale up in a matter of months.

Marcos Razzetti

SOURCE: Marcos Razzetti

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