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Marcus Hiles Dallas Real Estate Expert on Advantages of Looking at Cubic Footage

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DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - July 20, 2016) - It's common for potential renters to go online and peruse floor plans, but the dimensions of a room may be inadvertently misleading. Marcus Hiles, Dallas developer and real estate mogul, notes that examining a property's cubic footage -- the total of a room's length times width times height -- provides a more accurate picture of the potential for an apartment or townhome to deliver tenant satisfaction. "Ceiling height creates ambience in a living space," notes Hiles, the Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services. In terms of cubic footage, a 10-foot by 12-foot room with a height of eight feet measures 120 square feet and 960 cubic feet. Raise the ceiling to ten feet, and room volume increases to 1,200 cubic feet. "The standard eight feet can make residents feel boxed in, while 18-foot rooms tend to be cold and cavernous," Hiles observes. His high-end apartment homes feature ten-foot ceilings, creating the right balance of spaciousness and comfort.

According to Marcus Hiles, Dallas residents find that the extra 24 inches of height delivers value across a broad spectrum. "Decorating options increase, such as the ability to mount window treatments above casings or add valances," he states. Architectural features like built-in ledges serve to showcase plants and display family heirlooms. Taller pieces of furniture and artwork placed higher on walls create visual interest, as do taller lamps, floral arrangements, and other decorative touches. Ten-foot ceilings also add to a room's comfort level when entertaining friends and family members. "Guests don't feel cramped and air circulates more freely," maintains Hiles. He says that 10-foot ceilings deliver the best of both worlds from an acoustical standpoint, avoiding the cacophony of a room with less cubic footage and the echo chamber created by a space with vaulted ceilings. Similarly, the room height in Marcus Hiles' Dallas properties helps regulate temperatures. Rooms with less volume are inclined to be stuffy during both summer and winter. Because heat rises, those with 18-foot ceilings typically use exponentially more energy to cool and heat the space. In contrast, apartments with 10-foot ceilings have greater energy efficiency and have space to incorporate ceiling fans. As a result, they deliver lower energy bills.

When prospective renters consider both cubic footage and square footage, they can discover other advantages of properties with higher cubic footage. For instance, apartments with higher ceilings may have doors that are taller than standard 6-foot, 8-inch models, as is the case with the upscale Western Rim properties in the North Dallas suburbs. "Our eight-foot doors make our rentals feel like custom single family homes rather than small apartments," Hiles notes. When consideration is given to these kinds of features, it is likely that other aspects of the space -- from countertops and lighting to appliances and molding -- have also been upgraded.

Marcus Hiles is a graduate of Rice and Pepperdine Universities, and has spent the past decade bringing his vision of luxury living to fruition. With more than 15,000 apartments and townhomes under his company's management, Hiles is the premiere developer of upscale rental properties in the Lone Star State and a dedicated philanthropist, giving generously to programs that assist disadvantaged women and children.

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