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Marcus Hiles - On the Unique Soundproofing System of Western Rim Properties


Prominent real estate authority, Marcus Hiles argues that peace and quiet are as crucial for high-end apartments as the powerful interior design or on-site features. For this reason, all new Western Rim developments are now constructed using strategic, proven soundproofing methods that ensure residents a quiet home, minimizing the noise of surrounding neighbors.

Professional soundproof technicians are now “busier than ever as consumers search for quiet,” according to the New York Times, as an innate issue of dense, vertical apartment properties is the constant noise from surrounding units being heard in others. Music, footsteps, and even chatter all have the tendency to bleed through floors and walls, creating a disturbance to adjacent neighbors. Hiles’ strategy involves implementing effective soundproofing methods as new apartments are being constructed, eliminating any potential sound issues from the outset. All new Western Rim projects feature double-thick walls between homes, and 18 inches between floors. Remaining space between walls and floors is completely filled with cellulose, an efficient, optimal sound-muffling material.

Marcus Hiles has established a reputation for constructing upscale suburban communities in close proximity to major urban centers throughout Texas. The solace and enhanced privacy inside each apartment unit is a fitting complement to these features, providing a true refuge from the outside world. In addition to soundproofing, the materials and methods used serve another purpose as well, helping to reduce carbon emissions and overall energy costs -- an important goal of Hiles for each property.

Marcus Hiles is Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, a real estate development company managing over 15,000 luxury residential rental homes, townhomes, and apartments throughout the largest urban areas in Texas since 1990. Hiles consistently provides significant financial contributions and land donations to the cities across the state.

About Western Rim Property Services:

Western Rim Property Services, Inc. develops, owns, and manages apartment homes in Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, New Braunfels, San Antonio, and Houston, Texas. Known to offer a contemporary, high quality and luxurious lifestyle to its residents, the firm’s mission is simple: build the highest quality homes in the very best locations, maximizing views with signature amenities, in superior school districts. This assures a rapid lease-up and excellent customer acceptance.

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