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Marcus Hiles – and Western Rim Generously Offer Winter Clothing to Low-Income School Children of Texas


The upsurge of economic development in Dallas, in large part led by its booming real estate industry and a plethora of business activities, often overshadows the need of less advantaged population groups struggling financially. Marcus Hiles, a prominent developer of affordable luxury housing throughout Texas, is well aware of the more than 1,200 homeless children living on the streets of inner city Dallas, and fights relentlessly to assist these youth plagued by poverty. Most recently, in an effort to protect school children from the approaching winter elements, Hiles donated over 300 coats that will be distributed to those most in need by a church in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

In the Dallas Independent School District (DISD), 86 percent of students qualify for free and reduced-price meal plans, and the state considers 66 percent of the district’s students to be at risk for dropping out, according to the New York Times. A City Hall Council Meeting report concluded that 38 percent of children in the downtown area were either homeless or lived in a family that earns a gross income beneath the poverty line, although more than 27,000 of the individuals in these families work full-time jobs. Marcus Hiles urges local businesses and residents to avidly support not-for-profit organizations and charity initiatives as they help at-risk youth overcome hardships.

Marcus Hiles is a renowned real estate investor and the Chairman & CEO of Western Rim Property Services with thirty years experience developing residential rental townhomes and apartments throughout Texas. Hiles has dedicated much of his adult life to alleviating hardships for economically disadvantaged women and children, donating over $2.5 million to public and private K-12 initiatives, childcare programs, university career services, and job placement programs.

About Western Rim Property Services:

Western Rim Property Services, Inc. develops, owns, and manages apartment homes in Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, New Braunfels, San Antonio, and Houston, Texas. Known to offer a contemporary, high quality and luxurious lifestyle to its residents, the firm’s mission is simple: build the highest quality homes in the very best locations, maximizing views with signature amenities, in superior school districts. This assures a rapid lease-up and excellent customer acceptance.

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