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Margarita Simkin: The Leading Woman in an Ever-Changing Security Industry

From a single truck, to a $14 Million dollar business: how Margarita Simkin forged her way in a male dominated and highly regulated industry.

Toronto, ON, Sept. 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- INKAS® Group of Companies is proud to celebrate the woman leading the company’s way in the ever-changing security and defense sector. For over 20 years, Margarita Simkin has played an integral part in building various security and risk management businesses from scratch, in a highly regulated industry which has been notoriously challenging for women within leadership roles.

In 1996, Ms. Simkin and her husband, David Khazanski, took a leap of faith by investing their savings into the founding of INKAS® Security Services Ltd. – a local single-truck armored courier business that they initially ran themselves. In the years following, the company quickly gained momentum, credibility and recognition from its peers – a difficult and impressive feat in the highly regulated secure transportation industry comprised of large, well-established corporations.

In August 2000, under Margarita Simkin’s leadership, INKAS® had gone global and expanded its ATM operations, INKAS® Financial, into the United Kingdom as a full-fledged member of the LINK network. Irrespective of residing in Canada, Mrs. Simkin built a strong international network and scaled INKAS® Financial into the global market – a move which resulted in exponential growth in capital and operations. In November 2005, INKAS® Financial was acquired by TRM Ltd, and all revenue from this successful acquisition was reinvested into further developing and expanding the INKAS® brand within Canada.

For over 20 years, Margarita Simkin served as the Chairwoman of INKAS® Security Services Ltd.,  leading the initiative to diversify the company’s offerings into new verticals. Ms. Simkin  expanded the services to offer efficient point-of-sale systems, ATM services, and maintenance – positioning the company as a well-established provider of end-to-end security and risk management solutions to government organizations, businesses, merchants and financial institutions. Ms. Simkin’s strategy to diversify the company’s services has played a significant role in the company’s growth, and dramatically increased its revenue and market share. 

Ms. Simkin helped grow INKAS® Security Services Ltd into the third largest cash-in-transit operator in Canada through the thoughtful execution of initiatives and forward-thinking growth strategies. In early 2019, the company was approached by an emerging leader in the cannabis security sector for potential acquisition. After thorough consideration, Margarita Simkin made the strategic decision to accept the offer – a deal valued at approximately $13.75 million dollars.

Today, Margarita Simkin sits on the board of INKAS® Group of Companies as Chairwoman, and is the acting Head of Human Resources. When asked about her accomplishments, Ms. Simkin stated, “I can assure you that the success of any business strongly depends on maintaining a healthy and motivational work environment. Regardless of rung on the ladder – we all require empowerment in order to perform well, and I’ve always made it a priority for myself to empower others around me, both inside and outside of the workplace.” Ms. Simkin instills the value of a creating a diverse workforce, and champions the importance and contribution that women bring to an organization. Margarita leads by example, and encourages other women entrepreneurs to conquer the fear of the unknown and to just go out and create the change they want to see in the world around them.


Olga Eletckaia
INKAS® Group of Companies