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Margot Robbie’s Curvy Doppleganger Opens Up About Body Confidence at the Beach

Curvy Irish model Louise O’Reilly shares her journey to self-love. (Photo: Facebook/ Louise O’Reilly)

Louise O’Reilly, who bears a striking resemblance to actress Margot Robbie, is one of Ireland’s most recognized curvy models. It’s hard to believe that a woman who is so gorgeous would lack confidence, but O’Reilly recently opened up on Instagram about her insecurities when she hits the beach in a swimsuit.

In her candid post, O’Reilly urges her followers to not let their insecurities get in the way of enjoying and living their lives.

“Throughout most of my teenage years, I would be so afraid to embrace any kind of opportunity, or invite to even a party,” O’Reilly tells Yahoo Style. “If I did go to something, it would have taken me a good week or more to build up and prepare for it.”

She adds, “My body confidence was extremely low. While on the outside people saw a bubbly, chatty, friendly teenager, inside I felt the total opposite because of my size.”

O’Reilly recounts the many occasions she missed out on fun-filled days at the beach because she was worried about her cellulite or afraid she would be being the biggest woman there.

One consistent thing I notice when it comes to low body confidence is the amount of opportunities and possibilities people talk themselves out of, whether it’s avoiding going out to events, holidays, fun days out, totally trying to avoid buying a bikini or swimsuit and just laying on a beach!!” O’Reilly wrote in her post. 

O’Reilly tells Yahoo Style, “I try to encourage people to get out of that kind of mindset as it will only lead to regret further down the line.”

O’Reilly said that as a teenager, it was hard for her to love her body. The now 27-year-old woman says it was “a long journey to get to a place of self-love and acceptance.”

On how she got to a body-positive place, the model says, “It’s a slow and steady process, but one that is so important to do. Simple things are always good to start, such as not obsessing over sizing, [and] wearing what fits you as opposed to focusing on the label is so important.” She adds, “Cut out negative talk and putting yourself down — it’s vital to try and avoid negative talk with other people.”

O’Reilly’s message is resonating with her many followers.

One commenter wrote, “I have really low body confidence after having my baby 5 months ago…You’re an inspiration, thank you for perking me up a little.” Another commenter added, “I put on a swimsuit today for the first time in years and went into the pool with my kids on holidays and we had a ball!”

O’Reilly is more than just a pretty face and fashion blogger. She has a college degree in international relations focused on politics and law, and she encourages her young followers never to choose beauty over intellect.

“The brilliant thing about education is that you find yourself more as a person, [as well as]  your interests and what you really want to achieve,” she says. “It will open doors for you, and you will surpass even your own expectations with education.”

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