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Marie Claire & Manilla: Money-Saving Travel Tips

Caroline Wright

Is your budget cramping your jet-setter lifestyle? Fret no more. We’ll teach you how to live the high life while on a low income with these money-saving travel tips. Watch the video now >>

1. Flexible dates

Being able to tweak your travel dates and times can save you tons of cash upfront. The cheapest days to travel are Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. Likewise, the cheapest times to travel are early morning and late at night.

2. Exchange rates

It might be cheaper to get to Paris, but your dollar will go a lot further in Rio de Janeiro. If you want a more lavish vacay, consider going to a city that costs less.

3. Travel light

The majority of airlines charge anywhere from $25 to $35 for checked luggage. If you have an additional bag, you’re looking at $50 more. Cut down on costs by packing a carry on. If you absolutely need to check a bag, try JetBlue or Southwest, which still offer free checked luggage.

4. Discounts

Being young has its perks. Use your student discount for savings on everything from hotels to train fares.

5. Stay with a friend

Make a trip more special by visiting a friend — and crashing with them. You’ll save hundreds on lodging.

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