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New Marijuana Bill Would Protect Legal Pot Sales

Laura Brodbeck

New businesses dealing in marijuana are popping up across the U.S. as more and more states begin legalizing medical and recreational marijuana.

Everything from pot delivery services to pot-laced breath mints has hit the market as entrepreneurs move to claim their slice of the newly developing industry.

However, the disparity between local state laws and federal legislation has left many small business owners living in fear that their operations could be shut down by the federal government at any time.

Time For A Change

For that reason, support for a bill that recognizes an individual state's power to make pot legal has been growing rapidly.

To satisfy the growing number of Americans who support marijuana legalization, a group of bipartisan lawmakers have created a new bill that protects small businesses from federal charges if their sate has legalized marijuana.

Respect State Laws

Representative Dana Rohrabacher (R, California) introduced a new bill called the Respect State Marijuana Laws Act of 2015 on Wednesday with the support of five other Republicans and six Democrats.

The bill would ensure that businesses dealing in the marijuana trade are protected from federal penalties if they are in accordance with their own state's laws.

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Change Of Leadership Troubling For Marijuana Businesses

In the eyes of the federal government, marijuana possession is still a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment, but President Obama has said that federal officials will allow states to make and enforce their own laws regarding the substance.

However, with a new president set to take office next year, some worry that the laws could quickly be amended and a federal crackdown could shut down hundreds of pot startups operating in accordance to state laws.

For that reason, many pot-based businesses are pushing to pass a law in Congress that protects their operations from changes in the administration's view on marijuana.

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