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Marijuana Legalization Ignites Hot Market for Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD Domain Names

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / December 9, 2016 / The legal cannabis and hemp industries, as well as the CBD oil market, is exploding as an increasing number of states allow recreational marijuana and many more states legalize medical marijuana. Some estimates put the recreational cannabis market at a staggering $20 billion per year. There are now publicly traded cannabis businesses. In fact, a cannabis related business recently became listed on the New York Stock Exchange. There is a segment of the new legal cannabis market that doesn't receive much press attention, but which is being closely watched by cannabis investors and entrepreneurs. That industry segment is the marketplace for premium high-level cannabis, hemp, and CBD oil domain names. See here for examples of some coveted cannabis related premium domain names currently for sale in the secondary aftermarket: http://cbdreporter.com/cannabis-domains-for-sale/.

To be sure, there has been a number of large transactions in the cannabis domain name market over the past few years. In 2004, a New Jersey company paid over $1 million for the domain name, "marijuana.com" then subsequently turned down five offers for more than $2 million for the domain in the 2009/2010 time period, according to a story in the New York Times. Ultimately, the marijuana.com domain name sold for a reported $4.2 million dollars in 2011, a sale price not officially acknowledged, but reported as confirmed by the technology blog TechCrunch.

The legal cannabis and CBD markets have a number of unique characteristics that make a premium domain name especially important for new businesses in this niche. Some of the biggest retail outlets and advertising platforms, such as Amazon and Google Adwords presently have very restrictive policies for these niches, including for CBD Oil sales. So, the importance of a strong, keyword-rich, generic domain name cannot be overstated, since many newer companies will be very reliant on organic search to kick start their retailing efforts. With these and other factors in mind, a simple, easy-to-remember, keyword-rich, generic domain name can be critical for new businesses. As a result, many speculators are placing big bets on premium cannabis, hemp, and CBD domain names. But, since most all of the premium high quality domains have been scooped up by domain name investors over recent years as legalization efforts have moved forward, the investment activity is now primarily in the secondary market.

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A memorable dot com high-level domain name can give a company immediate credibility and a big competitive advantage in this exploding and highly competitive marketplace. As more and more states, as well as various countries around the world, move toward cannabis legalization, in addition to the medical research revolving around CBD (or cannabidoil), the domain name marketplace for entrepreneurs, cannabis growers, product brand developers, medical researchers, and others is growing at a fast gold rush pace.

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