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Marineland® Brand of Spectrum Brands Pet Care Builds Excitement With A New, Leading-Edge Lineup of Aquatics Innovations

Marineland® brand is fueling the passion for the hobby among seasoned hobbyists with advanced equipment and environments they can make their own to create the ultimate aquatic showcase

BLACKSBURG, Va., Nov. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Building upon its legacy of innovative solutions for loyal hobbyists and tech lovers, Marineland® brand of Spectrum Brands Pet Care is introducing its new line of advanced products to consumers after previewing them at key trade shows earlier this year.

"To meet consumer needs and stay ahead of current trends, Marineland® brand is designing aquariums to accent or feature in the room as a home décor element," said Eric Kenney, Vice President, Marketing at Spectrum Brands Pet Care. "We're introducing new features to help make aquariums do more as fishkeepers grow with the hobby."

In turn, Marineland® is introducing several products that feature integrated filtration systems with sleek, new designs, innovative filtration components for ease of maintenance, and connected aquariums that make personalization simple. These new products are available at retailers nationwide this season.

  • Marineland® Exhibit Series Integrated Aquariums feature frameless, modern glass aquariums with glass canopy covers and stands. The sleek stand design fits current trends, appealing to consumers who are drawn to attractive tanks suitable to accent their living space. A 20-gallon cube, 25-gallon peninsula and 29-gallon cube are available in either black or oak finish. These higher-end environments are built for beauty and conveniently conceal an integrated, multi-stage filtration system located behind the stand. For easy access to feeding, there is a sliding glass canopy. Marineland® Exhibit Series Integrated Aquariums also feature Wi-Fi connected LED lights, controlled through the new Marineland app, with nearly a dozen pre-set lighting modes or the ability to create your own lighting configuration.
  • New Marineland® Penguin® PRO and Emperor® PRO Power Filters provide improved reliability, customization and power. The new filters use Rite-Size™ Cartridges with superior carbon, an improved BIO-Wheel® with 10% more surface area and reliable operation with constant spinning, and Penguin® Micron Filters to screen out fine particles. Designed with features typically found only in canister filters, Penguin® PRO and Emperor® PRO Power Filters have an additional media basket that holds reusable media bags, allowing aquarists to use the media of their choice. In addition to featuring a motor dampener that keeps these filters running quieter, the decoupled motor is submerged and self-priming, producing sounds less than 40 decibels. To learn more about Marineland® brand's consistent and reliable flow rates, multiple filtration points, flow control and other customization options, visit www.marineland.com.
  • New Marineland® Expanded Filter Media options give the hands-on hobbyist the control to choose the filtration they want when they need it. The expanded offering, designed specifically for the new Emperor® PRO and Penguin® PRO Power Filters, includes color-changing Marineland® Deionizing Resin to help remove waste, as well as self-cleaning Marineland® K2 Biological Media that supports the growth of beneficial bacteria. Also available are reusable Marineland® Carbon Bags, a unique Marineland® Micron Filter for water polishing, and the Marineland® Bio-Foam & PreFilter to filter out dirt and debris – each sold separately.
  • Marineland® Portrait Desktop Kit offers easy setup and simple design. This 5-gallon glass aquarium features three-stage, hidden filtration with a Rite-Size™ Cartridge and Marineland® Bio-Foam®, and has an adjustable flow filter pump. The aquarium kit also includes bright white and blue energy-efficient LED lights, so fishkeepers can change the lighting to their liking to mimic the underwater effect of sunlight or a moonlight glow.

Marineland® brand's newest innovations integrate excellent performance with elegant design to stay ahead of trends and, more importantly, meet the needs of aquarists.

"For hobbyists, the excitement is building and customizing their tanks, which can make unique options very appealing to them," Kenney said. "As long as fishkeepers enjoy and embrace modern conveniences, advanced technology and beautiful design – like customizable filtration, wireless access and new aquarium style – Marineland® products will continue to deliver function, personalization and beauty to hobbyists and their homes."

About Marineland®

Marineland® brand is a leading manufacturer of innovative equipment and environments for consumers wishing to create the ultimate aquatic showcase. Committed to fishkeeping success for over 40 years, the brand is the professional's choice for commercial display systems and scientific research. Marineland® products are produced by Spectrum Brands Pet LLC, a leading supplier of products for the specialty pet supplies market and an indirect subsidiary of Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc. For more information, visit www.marineland.com.

About Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc.

Spectrum Brands Holdings, a member of the Russell 1000 Index, is a global and diversified consumer products company and a leading supplier of residential locksets, residential builders' hardware, plumbing, shaving and grooming products, personal care products, small household appliances, specialty pet supplies, lawn and garden and home pest control products, and personal insect repellents. Helping to meet the needs of consumers worldwide, our Company offers a broad portfolio of market-leading, well-known and widely trusted brands including Kwikset®, Weiser®, Baldwin®, National Hardware®, Pfister®, Remington®, Black + Decker®, George Foreman®, Russell Hobbs®, Tetra®, Marineland®, GloFish®, Nature's Miracle®, Dingo®, 8-in-1®, FURminator®, IAMS® and Eukanuba® (Europe only), Healthy-Hide®, Digest-eeze™, DreamBone®, SmartBones®, Littermaid®, Spectracide®, Cutter®, Repel®, Hot Shot®, Black Flag® and Liquid Fence®. For more information, visit www.spectrumbrands.com.

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