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Mario Gabelli Comments on Eversource Energy

- By Holly LaFon

Eversource Energy (NYSE:ES) (2.7%) (ES - $65.04 - NYSE) is New England's largest electric and gas distribution utility and delivery system. ES is the product of a 2012 merger between Northeast Utilities, headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut, and NSTAR, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, creating a premier New England distribution utility. ES serves 3.6 million customers in Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. The company targets 5%-7% long term earnings growth, driven by transmission investment, cost cutting opportunities, and oil-to-gas heat conversions in the Northeast. In late 2017, ES completed the acquisition of Aquarion Water Company in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire for $1.6 billion. The company expects further transmission development as aging nuclear and coal facilities are replaced with renewables, including offshore wind generation.

From Mario Gabelli (Trades, Portfolio)'s Gabelli Utilities Fund fourth-quarter 2018 commentary .
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