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'Mario Kart Tour' testing multiplayer for all

'Mario Kart Tour' is getting closer to a permanent multiplayer mode.

Mobile racer "Mario Kart Tour" is letting anyone take part in a multiplayer beta until January 28, 2020.

Firing up "Mario Kart Tour" on iOS or Android now opens the way to multiplayer mayhem.

For a six-day stretch, players can take their racing vehicles of choice into two discrete versus modes.

Random matches pop them into tournaments against likeminded racers, while a second option looks for friends and other players located nearby.

The multiplayer beta is understood to be a significant step in implementing a permanent multiplayer mode.

"Mario Kart Tour" was launched in September 2019 as Nintendo's seventh mobile game, becoming its most successful to date with over 120 million downloads in month one.

The game is free to download but was criticized for placing too much emphasis on optional micro payments.

Multiplayer was previously tested in December 2019 with a beta for Gold Pass subscribers; this January test does not require ownership of the $4.99 monthly perk.