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Mark Donohue Keynotes Xconomy Future of Jobs Summit

LifeGuides recognized as a leading solution to the Future of Jobs

YOUNTVILLE, Calif., Sept. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Donohue's keynote was titled: "The Future of Work in our Era of Exponential Creativity." As LifeGuides CEO and Founder, Mark Donohue, was recognized as a pioneer in scalable and novel solutions to the pressing "Future of Work" disruption emerging globally.

His keynote was presented at "Xconomy Future of Jobs Summit 2019," held in Napa, California. The Summit represented the eighth meeting of an intimate and interdisciplinary group of far-seeing technologists, exemplary business leaders and investors who explored insights, challenges and solutions to global issues, yet with a USA slanted focus to the sessions. Attendees have included Nobel laureates, the founding CTO of Microsoft, Nathan Myhrvold, and invitation-only leaders with the vision and power to make change.

Donohue's Keynote Address expanded on his firm belief that the future of work will be foundationally about finding our life purpose and thriving in it. This perspective works in both vocational and avocational pursuits. Living in true purpose "magnetically attracts" resources and connections to help manifest our dreams, or simply attract opportunities to pay the bills and live a decent life. Human beings are purpose built, and as he noted, we are built to "need purpose beyond self" to live a fulfilling, complete and healthy life, so humans are not foundationally self-centered, they are a species of community, connection and caring, if we are to achieve our full potential.

Regardless of all the fears about Artificial Intelligence, software cannot truly replace: Creativity & Invention, Love, Empathy, Friendship, Conscious Sacrifice, Intuition, Wisdom, Discernment, Sincerity, Delayed Gratification, Shared Experiences, Values & Morals, True Listening, Self Awareness or Non-linear Co-Creation. Many qualities needed for a healthy humanity are simply human and irreplaceable, which is foundational to the LifeGuides model. In this respect, he continued that the path forward needs to include: Changing what we teach and how we access education, Encouraging entrepreneurship earlier on and at a more local level, Inventing new jobs with living wages that utilize our uniquely human traits (like LifeGuides), Creating more spaces for co-creation and human-to-human connection, and by us all Choosing more optimism and caring.

He continued that our era of exponential technology is not a recipe for a dystopian future where humans are replaced by machines, like so many have predicted. Rather, according to Donohue, this rapid innovation will allow humans to pursue a more meaningful, purpose-driven life where radical abundance is the new norm. Donohue closed out his address by introducing the audience to LifeGuides, whose mission statement reads: "Growing a Platform for Caring People to do Extraordinary Good."

Given LifeGuides' goal and singular approach, Donohue's contribution to the Summit provided timely insights. As he stated: "Life Challenges are inevitable. At times, everyone needs experienced and personalized guidance. LifeGuides pairs people, who are going through a specific Life Challenge, with a Guide who has successfully navigated the same Life Challenge. Like Match.com pairs people for love, and Doctor On Demand finds doctors for patients, LifeGuides matches a trained Guide with a client to reduce struggle related to a specific Life Challenge. Companies buy The LifeGuides Network™ to affordably address the "silent suffering in their employee families. Our services increase retention and recruiting, reduce presenteeism loss, increase vitality, reduce stress and its health-related impacts, and LifeGuides enhances a Culture of Caring."

Donohue continued in his comments: "Life Experience is arguably the most valuable asset on the planet, yet we vastly underutilize it to achieve society's full potential. Technology cannot replace our fundamental and eternal need for human-to-human sharing of knowledge, empathy and connection, so LifeGuides creates well-matched and timely human connections in life's most challenging moments, with our Guides supported by LifeGuides cutting-edge Intelligence Assistance™ platform. The matching allows our Guides to do purposeful, healing and important work, as their Clients are supported deeply, without requiring an employee to be in crisis, be diagnosed or have any stigma."

Guides on the platform receive a "living wage," which is much higher than driving a Lyft or Uber, as they do purposeful work. Guides are also paid to train with our expert process and quality control for every Guide-Client session. Guides create a deeper identity as a healer of struggle in our society and they enjoy being part of an impeccable community of other Guides, who have chosen a path of caring, empathy and wisdom sharing in a highly personal design, as opposed to the limitations of social media posts.

A video of select remarks by Donohue is attached, plus his featured article: "The Future of Work in our Age of Exponential Technology." The keynote's PowerPoint is also linked to this press release.

To explore launching The LifeGuides Platform at your enterprise, please write: Mark@LifeGuides.com

A leading pioneer, Mark has specialized in "impact" enterprises, "conscious capitalism" and "triple bottom line" economics for 30 years, and is passionate about bringing regenerative, healing and sustainable models to much-greater scale.
In January of 2019, LifeGuides, PBC, where Mark is Founder/CEO, received the Grand Prize in the prestigious "Abundance Impact Challenge" from Dr. Peter Diamandis, Singularity University and the Abundance 360 leadership network.
In April 2019, Mark was appointed to Fast Company's Impact Council, which is "300 leaders that will redefine the future of enterprise."
In January of 2011, Mr. Donohue was honored as one of the "Top 100 American Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior," by the organization Trust Across America.

He was Entrepreneur-in-Residence for over five years, and subsequently Senior Fellow in Social Innovation for three years, at Babson College, which is consistently #1-rated in the world for Entrepreneurship education.
In the non-profit realm, he has served on Boards including: Babson College, the Social Venture Circle, The Temple of Understanding (USA's oldest interfaith education organization), and as Treasurer of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution.

LifeGuides helps companies with its network of trained and experienced Guides, to support employee families through an array of Life Challenges.
Life Challenges are Inevitable. LifeGuides pairs people, who are going through a specific Life Challenge, with a Guide who has successfully navigated the same Life Challenge. As Match.com pairs people for love, and Doctor On Demand finds doctors for patients, we match a Guide to each employee's specific Life Challenge. Furthermore, our Well-Being Concierges™ and Intelligence Assistance™ software custom match resources for each participant. Services require no crisis, no diagnosis and no stigma. The LifeGuides Network™ is long term human support, combining active listening, empathy and shared Life Experiences in a most relatable and effective manner.

Outcomes for an enterprise can include:

  • Reduced Presenteeism Loss
  • Reduced Absenteeism
  • Improved Focus, Well-Being & Creativity
  • Achieving Better Retention & Recruitment
  • Reduced Health Insurance Claims
  • Enhancing your Culture of Caring

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Mark Donohue - CEO and Founder of LifeGuides - 2019

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