Mark Penn looking to Invest in Digital Marketing Companies

AKRON, OH / ACCESSWIRE / July 2, 2015 / Mark Penn, Chief Insight Officer at Microsoft is leaving the company in September to pursue his new venture; The Stagwell Group LLC, whose primary goal is to invest in advertising, research, data analytics, public relations and digital marketing services. This qualifies a lot of companies, but what exactly is Stagwell Group LLC looking for? Mark Penn is specifically interested in investing in companies that use data and analytics to drive their creative work and promote their product. There are several components in addition to this criteria that would make a digital marketing firm an ideal fit for Mark Penn's hopes and goals for Stagwell Group LLC.

Great companies are built on great products. This could not hold truer for digital marketing firms. A great product is the fuel that fires the success of a company. Most importantly, a product that the team firmly believes in and is powered by passion. Obviously behind any great product is a dynamic team to support and develop that product. A firm must house a team of dynamic marketers, possessing the skills and creative set it takes to understand the digitally focused marketing niche that most advertising is based around in today's modern market.

Mark Penn held several senior executive positions with Microsoft, and Ex-Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, is a key investor in The Stagwell Group LLC. Based on Mark Penn's strong pre-existing relationship with Microsoft, a potential "investee" should be familiar with Microsoft's value propositions, challenges, products, and vision. It's clear that the investment firm will have strong Microsoft roots; shouldn't the companies they plan to invest in?

The potential investee should also be poised for growth, and driven by an entrepreneurial spirit. Enfusen prides themselves in using an integrative software program that enables Microsoft Partners to reach their greatest marketing potential through data analytics and creative tactics. To do this, Enfusen has a team of powerful marketers whose backgrounds range from technology, graphic design, public relations, PPC, to video production. Enfusen's President, Roger Bryan, holds a strong background in entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and keyword strategy.

Enfusen works directly with Microsoft Partners to increase their marketing capabilities including ROI, more qualified leads, and in turn helping them sell Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Office 365, and Azure. With an effective product, dynamic team, and data-based success, Enfusen is positioned to be an ideal fit for The Stagwell Group LLC, and an investment in Enfusen would bring great value to both companies.

About Enfusen: Based in Akron, OH, we empower organizations with analytics that leads to smart marketing decisions. We work with Microsoft partners and clients to develop analytics engines to improve marketing efficiency and ROI.

About the President: Roger Bryan is winner of the 2012 Jay Abraham Marketer of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Coaching Award 2011. A recognized industry leader, Rogers experience lies in marketing, keyword strategy, and entrepreneurship. His companies have made INC Magazines Fastest Growing Companies in 2011, 2012, & 2013.

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