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Market Wrap: Stocks Rally on Possible Stimulus but Bitcoin Is Flat at $9.5K

Daniel Cawrey

A leading independent financial analysis shares thoughts on the “Robinhood rally,” Fed policy and why Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) is already here.

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Today on The Brief:

  • An unexpectedly good retail sales report drives market confidence 
  • Are we in for a second wave of white-collar layoffs? 
  • The latest rumblings in central bank digital currencies

Our main conversation:

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Jesse Felder is an independent financial analyst and one of the best financial curators on Twitter. 

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In this wide ranging conversation, he and NLW discuss:

  • The Robinhood rally and what makes it both alike and different from previous manias 
  • The illusion of American recovery and the disconnect between markets and fundamentals 
  • The Federal Reserve’s role in increasing economic inequality 
  • Why the dollar is significantly overvalued relative to other currencies 
  • Why financial assets could be poised for a rough decade 

Find our guest online:
Twitter: @jessefelder
Website: The Felder Report

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