With Markets Extremely Volatile, Look to These Top Guys For Tips

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / January 23, 2019 / As growth in the markets decelerates, there are quite a few challenges to tackle in 2019 as other geo political events start to unfold in the later part of the year. There are definitely uncertainties within the stock market, and earnings will continue to decelerate particularly in corporate America and in Europe. It seems as if the markets allowed for this and it will not be a surprise when companies like Apple and FedEx come out and say that the international marketplace has slowed. There would not be an aggressive reaction to some companies as many have already seen this coming. An interesting fact is that liquidity was rather poor in the Q4 segment due to a variety of reasons causing an overreaction which spooked many markets. Now we have seen some return to normalcy because traders are in control now. Moreover, we see many entrepreneurs talking about issues pertaining to the stock market and how entrepreneurs and investors can work through this time.

What I've found is that there's many like me. I gathered up 11 entrepreneurs that put in the unhealthy work hours to build something their kids would be proud of.

Those 11 are in this list, in no specific order:

1. Ryan White

Ryan White is a 7 figure digital entrepreneur, influencer, investor, press contributor, and speaker.

Ryan founded the globally recognized social media marketing company Social Revelation which helps business and personal brands increase their digital footprint and brand awareness online.

Ryan's company manages the social media strategy for several seven to eight figure earners who are top performers within their industry.

He has curated a personal online network around 500,000 people from all around the world.

Ryan has also been featured on the award winning podcast "Entrepreneurs on Fire" hosted by John Lee Dumas and on the live television show "Good Morning LALA Land" in West Hollywood.

''Don't expect to see a change if you don't make one'' - Ryan White

2. Alex Lombard

Alex Lombard is a digital entrepreneur and social media expert, who has been building brands on

Instagram for over 5 years.

He is the Co-founder and CMO of Invigor8 where his team helps other business owners enhance their digital footprint. He personally works with over 100 high level individuals across a few major industries.

Alex is also the CEO of Visionwall INC where he helps create influencers through Instagram.

He personally owns two accounts, @visionwall and @the.success.club totaling just shy of a million followers. He has a total reach of over 50 million on Instagram and has coached dozens of 7 figure earners on how to properly gain true influence online.

Alex has a vision of using his personal story to not only inspire other entrepreneurs but to also give them the tools and resources they need to succeed.

He lives his life based on six major categories:

Mental, physical, spiritual, relationships, social, and business. His goal is to advance each day in at least one of those areas.

''Progress equals happiness'' - Alex Lombard

3. Andreas Holmes, CEO of Dolla

Holmes is the CEO of Dolla. Dolla is a custom built blockchain focusing on security and scalability allowing instant financial transactions that cost only $0.01. Their blockchain is a decentralized consortium that is capable of 10,000+ transactions per second with instant finality. Merchant and consumer adoption has been a key focus with thousands of registered users ready to transact once they are live. They have developed a core team with serious industry experience and great oversight for all things related to blockchain. Dolla is faster and cheaper than existing cryptocurrencies and fiat based payment systems with a more diverse and scalable business use.

The company said its mission is to:

1. Implement a payment platform for both on and offline businesses throughout the world that is near free, fast and secure.

2. Provide quick, economical access to payment and transfer platforms equally across the world including the millions of unbanked.

3. Become a leader in International & Local Money Transfers.

4. Luke Hessler

Luke Hessler is a serial entrepreneur and branding specialist. He's built a sales organization of over 30,000 customers and distributors by 23 year old.

Luke is a Co-founder and CEO of Invigor8, a digital marketing company that's focused on helping brands and businesses win online.

By 26 years old, Luke has produced over 20 million in revenue and has spoken on stage in front of tens of thousands of people, sharing the stage with people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Bob Proctor, Robert Kiyosaki, Les Brown, and Darren Hardy.

Luke has experienced the highs of entrepreneurship and the lows at a very young age. He believes that every experience you go through, bad or good, was placed their to shape you into the person you need to become in order to fulfill your destiny.

''How you do anything is how you do everything'' - Luke Hessler

5. Shanon Melnyk

Shanon Melnyk is a multi million dollar earner in a $200+ billion dollar industry. She manages massive sales organizations of tens of thousands of people across the planet.

Shanon is also the Chief Visionary Officer for the company, NuHealth4u, where she helps hundreds of people lose weight and have healthy skin.

Her and her team are major advocates for eating clean and taking care of your body both inside and out. You can connect with Shanon more on Instagram by following her at.

''Work smarter not harder'' - Shanon Melnyk

6. Tiffany McCormick

Growing up, Tiffany McCormick faced a lot of adversity – broken family, no college degree, single Mom on welfare at 19-years old – which was a difficult environment for her to thrive in. Despite her situation, however, she didn't make excuses; she made things happen.

She worked (extra hard, given she didn't have a degree) her way up the corporate ladder in the banking world, which supported her and her baby for a brief time, but Tiffany wasn't satisfied with settling. She was now responsible for another human life, and she knew the potential that was within her; a traditional job atmosphere was not going to get her where she wanted to take her family. And with that in mind, she pursued Network Marketing.

Like many, she stumbled over obstacles in the industry, but unlike many, she didn't quit. When she finally struck success, there was no stopping her. Tiffany has since created multiple six-figure earners in her combined business ventures and was featured as ''Young Rising Star'' in Network Marketing, according to business for home in February of 2018. She also is now a Mother of two, whom she homeschools because of the time freedom she has earned herself, and her and her husband have owned and operated their own local business for over ten years now.

7. James Lavelle

A lovable rogue, James Lavelle served the British Army for 15 years before entrepreneurship captured his heart. In 2013, James joined his first network marketing company, and quickly after made enough money to go full-time in the industry. After hitting the very top rank in his first company, the monetary success did not supplement the lack of vision he had in that company. James believes that, ''vision is the art of seeing something that is invisible to most others.''

Despite the advice from others and the comments calling him crazy, James followed his gut, left that company, and then joined another (that he believes is his forever company). It only took four months, again, when James had earned ''Founder's Club Status'', the highest accomplishment awarded by his new company. Seven figures later, James is known as one of the best in the industry.

''Energy is everything! Create it, protect it, and share it. Your energy is your superpower.'' - James Lavelle

8. Benjamin Fanning

At 15-years old, Benjamin Fanning was expelled from high school, got entrapped in gangs, crime, and fast money, which landed himself behind bars by the time he was 25. Although most people would allow that situation to break them down, Benjamin used it as his opportunity to break through.

At the end of his sentence, Benjamin made the decision to dedicate his life to personal development and growth. His mindset and determination have led him to massive success in more than one industry – Co-Founder of the H3 Plan, personal training, nutrition, property investments and oil. He is also a loving husband to his bride, Lisa, and proud father to Olivia, Cairo, and Amara, whom keep him going day in and day out.

''For me, success means to be rich in all accounts; rich in love, rich in business, rich in relationships, rich in health, and rich in thoughts'' - Benjamin Fanning

9. Eva Bergstrom

Inspired by her mom denying her a pair of high-heeled shoes at the age of 12, Eva Bergstrom became passionate about the freedom she could obtain to do what she wanted, when she wanted, with whom she wanted. At 17, she became a true entrepreneur; she opened, owned, and operated her very own salon in Sydney, Australia. Business was thriving for years, Eva was about to marry the man of her dreams, and she was happy as could be… when life took an unexpected turn.

Just days before the wedding, Eva's fiancé unexpectedly passed away. Eva, struck by justified grief and shock, left everything she knew behind and restarted. She pursued Vipassana mediation for 2 years and considered being a Buddhist nun. She also practiced Falun Dafa philosophy and Falun Gong exercises, and shortly after, she decided to get qualified as a medical herbalist herself.

Among those accolades, Eva has been awarded the Best Make-Up Artist in Australia, been recognized as one of the Top 10 Hairdressers in all of Europe and is now one of the most successful operators world-wide in the health and anti-aging industry.

10. Debra Schneider

After climbing the corporate ladder day and night, day in and day out, for over 25 years, Debra Schneider was feeling very unfulfilled. She knew she needed a change, but she wasn't sure where to look. When a handful of her loved ones passed away unexpectedly in under 5 years, she was inspired to live her life to the fullest while she still had time to do so. So, she took the leap of faith into entrepreneurship, specifically network marketing.

Debra was discerning about which company to join, as she wanted one that aligned with her ethics and beliefs. In 2010, her prayers were answered, and she found her forever company! With no network marketing experience, it was expected that she wouldn't succeed at record speeds; however, in less than 2 years, she had earned herself and a few of those on her team 6-figure incomes.

Now, Debra has built a solid foundation for her business and has dedicated her energy developing people into the leaders they want to be. She currently makes 7-figures annually and spends her time traveling the world with her husband, sharing their visions and desires with others.

''Be bold! Dream big, get out of your comfort zone, and knock it out of the park! See you at the top!'' - Debra Schneider

11. Carson Jones

Carson Jones, Founder of Influencer Collabs and partner with New Hollywood Media is a brand marketer that works with influencers, brands, and creators to grow brands and make an impact online. Jones founded Influencer Collabs, which now boasts a network of thousands of influencers and an Instagram network reaching over 90+ million followers across the business, fashion, comedy, hip-hop and culture niches. Carson works with fortune 500 companies and solo-entrepreneurs looking to build an impactful brand online.

New Hollywood specializes in large brand activations and events where they combine culture, strategy, talent, and execution to plan events for companies, artists and brand partnerships. Carson and his team combine large events, creative content and a massive online distribution strategy that generates waves through social media and the virality to reach mainstream media.

Jones is a serial entrepreneur centering all his businesses and client activations around influencers and attention through social media. His specialty is leveraging large audience networks, creative content, and his aggressive PR outreach team to help brands break through the noise and find their voice online.

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