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MARKRAY CORP (RVBR) Letter to Shareholders from Chairman

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Dear Shareholders,

GLENDALE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 26, 2019 / It gives me a great pleasure to introduce you to our Keshe Foundation Global Inc (KFGL) organization as an existing international scientific and economic organization, which has been put in place to ensure a better future for humanity using newly developed and commercialized science, technology and industry internationally known as Keshe Plasma Technology.

Using the new understanding of Plasma Science and Technology we are expanding our global manufacturing and research network to deliver new cutting-edge technologies and products throughout the world.

KFGL corporation is set to produce and share the benefits of the new space era that for the past 40 years, has been under development, tested and proven in Space Technology, Health, Agriculture, Environment, Energy, and Materials.

Through Keshe plasma technology we have the means to satisfy humanity's daily needs of energy, food and clean water. The goal is to eliminate the wars caused by the struggle for land and resources, and to bring more peace and prosperity to the world. In order to accelerate the commercialization of Keshe technology globally, I set up Keshe Foundation Global nearly two years ago.

I need to enlighten you with the following background information: First, what is the history of KF Global? Then, what have been our achievements and challenges? And last, what are our strategies for future success with world Nations and how do we see our near future?

To me and to my way of thinking, there is far too much suffering in the world today. Some manmade and some by hand of the nature like, diseases, wars, famine, pollution, and climate change. Many communities are left behind to suffer for years, as we got used to these sufferings, in some cases the whole nations do not have access to their own resources to live.

With technology I have developed and tested with some millions of other supporters of my technology over twenty years, I cannot remain insensitive and not act.

I have discovered and revealed a new dimension in science by going into the structure of the center of all created thing. Up to the last century we knew about molecules and atoms, and in the middle of the nineteen hundreds, we developed nuclear industries. As a nuclear engineer and physicist, and after forty years of research and development, we have now understood the inner structure of the nucleus, which clearly indicates that the whole of the universe is made of motion and interaction of magnetic fields in motion, which we call a plasma, be it the structure of a neutron, solar system or universe.

With a new understanding of the structure of the fundamental blocks of creation, or what we call the neutron, we came to understand how we can manipulate the fields of the universe to the benefit of mankind.

As we see in the universe, there is no engine or rocket attached to the stars and they have been in motion for billions of years. And they have been providing food, energy, life and a protective environment for the inhabitants with what we call an atmosphere. Now with this new understanding in science, we have discovered what gravity is and how it is produced and can be controlled. With advancement in this science we have managed to replicate all works of the universe and bring about a new era in science and technology.

The new definition in science that we need to learn from now on, are these two terms: SPACE technology and SPACESHIP technology.

Space technology is the current method of flight which we use for launching satellites and man to space. In space technology we use fuel to burn to overcome gravity and to achieve lift and motion. This technology has been used for the past fifty years and has reached its limitations.

In present space technology we are dependent on how much payload we have and how much fuel we need, and rocket technology is what we know today as space technology. With space technology life duration in space is limited to the amount of food, water and medicine we can carry. So, life is constantly dependent on supply from Earth.

New space technology, which Keshe Foundation Global has developed and promoted, has now become known as SPACESHIP technology. With new understanding in science discovered and developed by me as nuclear engineer, graduated from Queen Marry College University of London, we now have learned how celestial bodies like Earth move without burning any fuel as it happens in the center of nucleus by movement of magnetic fields, which for example have given us our energy from nuclear power stations.

In fact, if we redefine "energy" as residual fields left behind by magnetic fields in motion and interaction, then we discover the secret of motion and life in the universe.

For example, if we look at our home called Earth, and its motion and life it creates, we do not see any rockets attached to Earth and no jet engine and no one brings fuel to tank the Earth. But Earth has been in motion and flies in space like a spacecraft at 1600 km/h around itself to make our 24h days for billions of years. Earth moves at over 10000 km/h around the Sun to make our annual cycle of one year. And our solar system travels at 100 000 km/h roughly in its galaxy.

But at the same time in the interaction of the fields of the Earth with the Sun, we have day and night. Further in interaction of the fields of Earth (its gravitational and magnetical fields (or what we call atmosphere)) with the magnetical and gravitational fields of the Sun, residual fields are produced. These are what we call hydrogen, oxygen, gold and so forth. Later on, due to the inertia fields of the Earth, these energy packs convert to the weaker field strength or what we call the matter state and land on the planet.

We have gained new knowledge, and with this new intellect we understand that we do not need to burn fuel to travel. At KFGL, we now have the know-how and have developed systems which can create both gravity and magnetic fields like the Earth. Thus, for the first time we fly like Earth in the solar system. We have called this new breakthrough in science, that can replicate the work of the universe without burning fuel to attain lift and motion, THE SPACESHIP TECHNOLOGY.

Now with new insight of knowledge of the universe, we can make food and medicine and whatever we need in space without relying on Earth as our source. We can fly without burning fuel and use magnetic fields of the universe to sail on from one planet to another. Now we can truly travel faster than the speed of light. All we need to do is to create for example the reverse gravitational field strength of the destination. We can then replicate it in these new dynamic systems and fly. We copied the birds and made aircraft flew. Now we copy flight systems of the universal objects. The only difference is that we have progressed further in science and technology. We understand more and so we can step-up to the next level of science and create the fields of the Moon's gravitational field strength, so that the fields of the Moon will attract us and move us there in a very short time without burning any fuel.

These are not dreams any more, as with understanding of this new phenomenon, we have developed technologies which in trials in China has increased harvest by double in 30 days of use. We have produced materials in Austria confirmed by laboratories from interaction of fields like Nickel and Copper. We have tested and shown that we can make brain cells so that a girl in coma in Italy, whose doctors considered her brain dead after 30 days and wanted to switch her off the machine, now lives and enjoys her family.

With this new understanding, the world of science has entered a new cycle, where we need to access or develop a new type of fuels which can interact with the universal magnetic field forces. For this reason, we have developed a new universal fuel that can be used in the new spaceship technology. We have called the new fuel, which is made from GAS AT NANO SOLID state, the GANS.

Now we can fly from any point on Earth and do not need launch pads and all nations collectively in one step have become nations of spaceship technology.

In Ghana we have achieved FDA certification for the waters produced from this martial, which reverse diabetes and cancer. In Austria we produce systems from this material that can reverse Parkinson's disease in weeks and patients can recover 70-100 percent. A number of these systems are sold to China by contract and going through trails. Keshe Foundation Manufacturing Austria has signed a sales agreement for these with the Chinese medical group and has delivered the first batches in the last six months.

Thus, Keshe Foundation Global has not only become inventor, researcher and developer, but has also become manufacture and service provider of its own technology too.

Keshe Foundation and its knowledge seekers who are said to be in excess of tens of millions around the world, are using this technology in China, United State, Iran, Israel, Kenya among many other nations as one Global Keshe Family around the world for agriculture, medical systems, environmental applications and materials.

We have become one of the largest scientific organizations in the world, where our roots are in the populations and not in governments.

We use our technology to create peace and our moto is simple: "Technology in exchange for peace".

We have had a number of conferences around the world with world ambassadors and the latest one on 27-29th of September is to be held in Vienna. In this conference Over 50 nations ambassadors and some knowledge seekers are present. Ten such conferences are organized around the world over the next 12 months. In these conferences, we show the latest achievements in the new Plasma technology to governments.

The benefit of this technology has been demonstrated in China in the last two years, where in trial fields carried out by national organizations, we have doubled the harvest, and once implemented, this can create national food security for the first time. Thus, by all nations being able to produce more by themselves, they can become nationally food secure and this adds to world peace. At the same time this increase of harvest allows farmers to walk out of poverty as they get more from the same land.

GANSES are a natural products and so everything is biologically green and clean. Farmers do no need to use fertilizers or pesticide. They do not need to worry about herbicides as each plant takes what it needs from its environment, and weeds would not reduce the progress of development of the harvest. We have shown these in every continent over the past ten years.

We are signing a MOU and to be followed with an agreement in the Austrian conference with state of Arizona to extend our present factory and research center in Arizona to build the first industrial GANS zone in the United State. This factory will be geared to support our work in space and agriculture. American farmers using this new technology as used in China will increase their harvest, with less need for water, no need for fertilizers and no need for handouts from administration by increasing tariffs and taxes on imports from China to pay the farmers as the president recently stated.

This new science brings new opportunities for world peace and equality for nations.

At the Austria conference we will try to bring in and sign MOU with the government of Kenya for building another industrial zone of GANS technology.

In our over $ USD 1 million investment in Mexico, the neighboring factory is a cement block producer. By mixing our GANS in concreate we have shown we produce a much stronger and more homogenous material. With the advantage that these blocks keep the building cool and there is less need for air conditioning. With simple technologies like this one can reduce nations demand on electricity for heating and cooling.

In the Ghana factory once our problem with the government of Ghana soon resolves, where we have invested over One million euro to start the first phase of our work, once the government shows where our 250 000 Euro of investment was stolen from the company, we will expand our power energy systems developed in this nation, and we will transfer the title of the deed of the company to KFGL. The products from this factory have received national standard certification and FDA certification. This plasma energy system has been shown to reduce the electricity bill of household by 35-70 percent.

Once this technology is implemented by governments, it will reduce demand on building new power stations, saving nations billions of dollars in the process.

I can see with our work in different nations over past years, that there is a need for a new breakthrough technology like this that can bring positive changes for all humanity.

As you are fully aware, technologies like this create many problems for many organizations who want to keep the status quo or those who want to steal the technology by force. If you have followed our work over past twenty years, we have had our full share of all of these.

In 2012 when Belgium's government officials understood the value of the technology, and could not get it by intimidation and threats, they organized a fake court case in their courts that they could control and initially made an accusation that I was a fraud. They brought armed police officers into their court room to intimidate witnesses. This led to a fake fraud case for 12000 euros fine from their own judge in a small town against me. We have pursued the case through all levels of courts in Belgium over past years. Now we are allowed to take our case to European Human Court of Justice against the state of Belgium. The evidence from the initial court and in subsequent courts has shown that even our lawyers were not allowed to submit any defense and no evidence or witness statements that could support our case, were given by anyone.

This year the European court has been requested to accept the case and enter it against the Belgium state for destruction of and tampering with evidence, and falsifying documents as well as bringing armed officers inside the court and checking witnesses' passports inside the court to intimidate: https://factsaboutdirk.info/2019/09/18/the-appeal-to-the-european-court-of-human-rights-for-fake-fraud-by-belgium-government-against-m-t-keshe/

This being confirmed as witnesses have taken pictures of armed officers and made affidavits to court and lawyers in Holland. The appeal of my case is released on the internet in September in all languages to show how a government and for what reason do such fake cases for 12000-Euro of fraud. Now with developments in technology over past seven years and valuation of the technology in the market, we can see the reason that this technology is priceless. And I have gifted it to humanity. We have pictures of the head of state making threats to me while forcing himself to a coffee on my table in a remote cafe in Belgium, where he ordered me to give my technology or leave his country. This demonstrates the level of fraud.

On the other hand, we all know that in an attempt to kill me, my assistant was killed and our other assistant is still in a state of brain damage, having been in a coma for months.

These are small prices to pay for one man and for his technology to change the future of humanity as you have seen with thousands of testimonials around the world about its effectiveness.

We need to spend vast amount of time on research and development of this new technology and create new jobs and research. This is where most the effort of our share of work will be and as we research and develop, we need to produce systems and applications to be able to benefit from our work. The more we progress the more we have opportunities to commercialize. Hence the reason why we developed blueprint industrial zone planes, where research and development and commercialization can all be together and to create a unique opportunity for mankind to prosper faster and enjoy the fruits of the new science collectively.

I see in the next 5 years there shall be one or more industrial zones in each nation as this technology touches everything we need, from food to agriculture to medicine to space and energy and so forth.

We have gathered an elite team of scientists, who have been grown in our technology and they have honored the company in accepting their position on broad of directors of the Keshe Foundation global Inc. These are men and women who are committed to the ethos of the peace and spreading the knowledge and technology amongst all men. As their name will be released in due course, they are already working in the board of directors of the company to structure and see the programs through. They all have been with the Foundation in different positions and are powerful enough to bring the new change to humanity. I thank them personally as they have sacrificed a lot to see this time humanity will work towards prosperous future. They are all of highest caliber of education as holders of PhDs and doctorates to master's degrees in managements and lecturers in universities.

My vision is simple, for the first-time mankind has the real opportunity to start from all points of this planet together in science and technology from the same equal platform as I have spread this knowledge freely over the past twenty years. Then, through it, mankind has for the first-time a chance to change the course of nations to a prosperous, one nation, one planet, on race. As in the coming time when we go to space, as men of universe see our two hands and feet and eyes and ears to be common amongst all of us, they would not ask us, which country or village you come from and as peaceful men of Earth we shall reply we come from Earth as one race.


/s/ MT Keshe

About Markray Corporation

Markray Corporation is a development stage holding company targeting diversity and increased shareholder value through a series of acquisitions and mergers. It and its subsidiaries hold the intellectual property and technical expertise in plasma technology for the development and distribution of a wide variety of disruptive and novel technologies that will create a new industrial revolution in market sectors including, but not limited to agriculture and food security, animal husbandry, health and medicine, energy saving and energy production, pollution control and decontamination, materials production, land, sea and air transportation, communications technology and space travel and exploration. Subsidiaries of Markray Corporation are partnering with some of the largest corporations around the world to inject the new scientific understanding and advanced solutions into existing technologies, manufacturing facilities and production lines. The corporation has a roadmap for global expansion, including international research and development and the creation of industrial zones specifically for raw materials production on every continent. It is expected that Markray Corporation and its subsidiaries will become household names in the very near future, as their technical know-how transforms many of our every-day points of reference from our homes and vehicles to our communications, food, and healthcare.

Safe Harbor and Informational Statement

This press release may contain forward-looking information within the meaning of Section 21E of the Security Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the Exchange Act), including all statements that are not statement of historical fact regarding the intent, belief or current expectations of the company, its directors or its officers with respect to, among other things: (i) the company's financing plans; (ii) trends affecting the company's financial conditions or results of operations; (iii): the company's growth strategy and operating strategy; and (iv) the declaration and payment of dividends.

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MT Keshe

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